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The people that work for Disney are among the most creative the world has ever seen. No matter what the company churns out, you can be sure that it will be fun and original. Even the movies that aren't released as blockbusters are still popular and a lot of fun to watch. The Princess Protection Program is one of those movies released by Disney intended for their Disney Channel audience. Almost ten years ago, a generation of children and teenagers were introduced to Rosie and Carter. Now you can choose a name for your dog that is worthy of royalty.

Princess Protection Program Dog Names in Pop Culture

Princess Protection Program Dog Name Considerations

Looking at Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, it can be hard to imagine them as Princess Rosie and Carter Mason. They both shed their Disney images and took on more mature roles. But we can never forget the roles that made them household names. The Princess Protection Program was not their first role, but it is one of their most popular. It endeared them to a worldwide audience and gave them a launching pad for their successful careers. For this naming guide, we chose the names of some of our favorite characters from the movie. Not all of them are heroes since the villains were just as entertaining to watch. 

We were also inspired by the theme of the movie. We'd all like to imagine that a real princess protection program exists, but this is unlikely (not that we would ever know!). We used some of the most famous princesses in history as inspiration and some from those who were sworn to protect royalty - most notably famous Knights from history. No matter which name you choose, your dog will have a noble and distinguished name. If your puppy is an elegant princess or a valiant protector, their name is on this list. 

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