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The United States boasts a wide range of television shows that have gained popularity across the globe, produced unforgettable characters and helped the involved actors and actresses achieve worldwide recognition. One of the most common genres of American television shows is terrorism-related thrillers, particularly because of the country’s history. A prime example of a show that falls under this category is the short-lived series entitled Quantico. The plot follows an FBI recruit named Alex Parrish, played by Priyanka Chopra, as she tries to prove her innocence after being made the prime suspect in the bombing of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. Even though it only lasted for three seasons, the show garnered critical acclaim and helped make Chopra a household name. 

Quantico Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Quantico Inspired Dog Name Considerations

One of the best decisions that you will ever make is deciding to bring a dog into your home. More often than not, this newly acquired furbaby will serve as your friend and day-to-day companion. A great way to honor your best friend is to pick a name that fits their look and personality perfectly. One of the first few considerations to make when selecting a name for your new dog is the length of the name. All dog experts agree that shorter names work best for dogs. This is because they are easier to recognize and recall, especially during training. Another thing to take into account is the sound of the name; hard vowels (a, o) and consonants (b, d, k, t) are way easier to discern and remember as opposed to soft ones (f, m, n, e, I, u).

For those wanting to pick a Quantico-inspired name for their dog, you have plenty of options to choose from. Over the course of three seasons, numerous personalities have been introduced in the show, all of which play a significant role in how the storyline turns out. You can name your dog after your favorite Quantico character; the fan favorites include Alex, Ryan and Shelby. You may even opt to pick a dog name based on the actors or actresses who were on the show, such as lead stars Priyanka Chopra or Jake McLaughlin.
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