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Quantum of Solace is the 22nd entry in the long-running James Bond franchise. Marc Foster (of Monster's Ball and World War Z fame) directed Quantum of Solace, which was produced by MGM and Eon Productions. The film was written by a three-person team that consists of Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis, and Robert Wade. Following in the footsteps of its most immediate predecessor, the critically lauded Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace is a much more grounded and serious take on the James Bond mythos. The film does away with many of the series' campy elements and depicts Bond's world in a gritty and realistic fashion.

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Quantum of Solace Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you're a big fan of Spy films that have a lot of action sequences in them, then Quantum of Solace may be your type of Bond film. The 22nd entry into the James Bond franchise is very action-heavy; this fact works both to the movie's benefit and detriment, as the film is both praised and panned for Foster's decision to incorporate so many action scenes in a world full of spies and subterfuge. Some feel that the 22nd Bond film has more in common with the Mission Impossible franchise - a series of films that continue to feature increasingly elaborate stunts and actions sequences with every new entry. We recommend checking out Quantum of Solace for yourself and seeing if the movie matches up with your tastes. If it does, and you end becoming a huge fan of Quantum of Solace, consider naming your dog after one of the movie's principal characters. 

Speaking of the characters from Quantum of Solace, the film features a slew of memorable good guys and bad guys. Dominic Greene, Quantum of Solace's big baddie, differs from many of Bond's other antagonists; whereas characters from previous Bond films like Blofeld or Drax were the leaders of their respective organizations, Greene is a lower level villain who's continuously pressured by his bosses to produce results. Camille Montes, Quantum of Solace's "Bond Girl," is a headstrong woman who affects the film's plot in a higher capacity than most of the other Bond Girls before or after her. Consider naming your dog after a Quantum of Solace character if you're looking to give your pet a title that will stand out.

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