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While The Rocketeer may have been considered a commercial disappointment, there’s little doubt that it still resonated with fans. At its core, the film essentially set out what it aimed to do and more, paying homage to film serials that were popular during the era that the film was actually supposed to take place in — films serials were popular in the 1930s-1950s and The Rocketeer took place just prior to WWII in 1938. Regardless of the reviews, many fans who enjoyed it in their childhood still hold it in high regard, and with it, a fantastic cast of characters and memorable moments perfect for dog-naming.

Rocketeer Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Rocketeer Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Trying to find the perfect name for your dog is no easy task, but if you want to rocket to success, start by making a list of your dog’s most notable traits from their looks to their quirks and personality, as this will be the easiest measure for comparison.

For instance, if your dog is hyper or fast and zooms around like a high-speed vehicle, the names Rocket, Gee Bee, Racer, Sportster and Z would be solid choices. If they are classically handsome or pretty, then the names Hollywood or Gable would be great picks just like Lothar and Tiny Ron would be ideal for a dog with many wrinkles and folds. For dogs that tend to act like classic “tough guys”, then the names Neville, Sinclair or Valentine would be decent options. If they love to sniff out hidden objects then the names Fitch and Wooly are certainly suitable. 

There are plenty of directions you can go, such as naming them after a filming location you have ties to or after elements of the film that were as inspirational to the creators (such as Bettie Page, Commando Cody, Rondo Hatton) as they are to you, so don’t be afraid get creative by firing up the mental jets and letting it fly!

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