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The Russell Terrier is a spirited little dog. Made famous by movies such as My Dog Skip, the Russell Terrier is known for his amazing energy and his high level of intelligence. He is extremely clever and charming, and, generally, once a person owns a Russell, they will own no other breed. Although he is recommended for experienced owners only, due to the fact that he needs a knowledgeable handler who can manage the antics of the Russell Terrier, he brings a great deal of joy to his pet parents. He makes friends with anyone he meets, and he is quite entertaining as well!

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Russell Terrier Dog Name Considerations

Some new pet parents like to observe their pup's behavior before giving him a name. Others like to give their fur baby a name upon bringing the newest family member home. If you're more like the latter, then you can count on some definitive parts of the Russell Terrier's personality to influence you as you choose the perfect name for your recently acquired dog. 

First, the Russell Terrier is highly energetic. Therefore, a name that has to do with the awesome energy of this Terrier breed will fit a new pup. For a male puppy, names such as Barnaby or Murphy have both an old-world European feel (the Russell Terrier was developed in southern England and further developed in Australia). In addition, the names depict an energetic dog. The name Dash would fit a puppy who has a propensity for moving quickly. Also, the name Rory relates to one having a lot of energy (and it's a cute, fairly original name as well). Of course, female Russell Terriers are no less energetic than their male counterparts. A peppy girl might deserve a name such as Clancy or Mitzi. The name Juniper is original, and it refers to an evergreen bush (the energy of the Russell Terrier is often never-ending, so this is an appropriate name). Another rather unique energetic name for a Russell female is Dasha (pronounced "Day-sha"). 

The Terrier breeds (Jack Russell, Parson Russell, Russell) are closely related and were originally bred to hunt, so a hunting  name is also appropriate. Names like Ranger and Scout are not only a nod to this canine's hunting nature, but also to the adventurous side of the breed. Known for digging out of enclosed areas and jumping over high fences, the Russell Terrier is always up for a quest. 

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