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So you have a new dog, and now you have the pleasure of bestowing a name on your new mate. Don't panic, its not that hard. Yes, it is a big responsibility, but here are some things to help you to choose. First of all, the name you choose should be one you will not get tired of. You will be using that name for many years, so make sure you like the sound of it. Secondly, get to know your dog before you just label him with any old name. You need to know what makes your dog special, what makes your dog tick? But if you have done all that and yet you still can't find a name that sounds neat, a name that is different, something with a bit of pizazs, then how trying about a name from another language? Russian names sound exotic, such as Pushinka which means little one, or Mushka which means little fly. Okay, the fly bit is, well - maybe weird, but then who among your friends speaks Russian? The name sounds cool, and your dog is cool, so one and one make a match!

Russian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Russian Dog Name Considerations

Sometimes a dog name will just leap to mind and will totally suit your new furry friend. At other times, nothing seems to be good enough. It may be time to scope out names in another language for a unique, cool sounding name. One thing to be careful of here is that you source the meaning of that cool name. How embarrassing if it means something - well - embarrassing? Today people live all over the world; it truly is a global village. If you choose a Russian name for your dog, you may find you have people from Russia living next door. Do you really want them to come over and tell you that the name you yell out for your dog means something very offensive? Do your homework first before going with an exotic name. Other than that, go for it. Naming your dog in another language is a very original idea. Check out the list of Russian names we have compiled for names you could use for your dog.
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