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Did you know that  Santiago is the largest city as well as the capital of Chile?  Founded in 1541 by a Spanish conqueror named Pedro de Valdivia, it's one of the largest cities in the Americas, located in the central part of Chile. Nestled in the flatlands in the valley of the Mapocho, the only beaches it boasts of are along the Mapocho river.  The city and its surrounding fertile land, mountains, animals, markets, and museums, is bound to trigger some unusual names for your newest family member.  Consider the list below as you take a mental tour of Santiago.

Santiago Dog Names in Pop Culture

Santiago Dog Names Considerations

Santiago, having been founded by the Spanish, the language is predominately Spanish with a diverse mixture of religions and cultures, the Mestizo referring to the mixed ethnicities and races frequently found in Latin America.  Name considerations for your precious pup may consist of names of Spanish origin or could honor a magnificent museum so many of which are located in Santiago or even reflect some of the yummy cuisines on which one can feast while visiting.  

If you’re partial to fishing, you might try a name like Congrio to refer to a typical fish found in the area.  Or, think about a more romantic name like Valentina or Isabella for that darling doggie who loves to cuddle. Consider Empanada, in homage to those yummy pastries filled with meats, cheeses or mussels that are so prevalent in Chile.  Another suggestion for those of you who are foodies and grill masters is Asado which is barbequed chicken or pork. You're invited to explore the name possibilities as you mentally walk along the Mapocho Riverbank, stop and smell the fresh flowers and vegetables growing in the fields, and deliciously drool as you stroll down street after street of outdoor kiosks, markets, and shops.   

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