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In 2004, Firaxis Games and Atari put out an adventure, action and strategy game called Sid Meier’s Pirates! The game is a remake of the game of the same name from 1987. Even though the gameplay is similar to the original all those years earlier, it boasts a 3D game engine from Gamebryo, removal of sun sighting, mini-games, and a far better turn-based land combat system than the previous version.

With all these changes and improvements, it’s of little to wonder to anyone that it became a big hit. As a result, many people began looking for Sid Meier’s Pirates! dog names that would show intense love for the game. If you are adopting a dog and would love a Sid Meier’s Pirates!-inspired dog name, then read on. There are bound to be many that grab your attention.  

Sid Meier's Pirates! Dog Names in Pop Culture

Sid Meier's Pirates! Dog Names

Because several remakes and re-releases have hit the market, even in the last few years, it’s clear to see that Sid Meier’s Pirates! is not a game that will date. You are unlikely to have to have any worries about naming your dog a Sid Meier’s Pirates! dog name then losing its relevance in the digital age. The original was such an excellent game that it will potentially always be improved upon as the years go by - with no one forgetting the connection.

Alongside never having to worry about relevance, you also don’t have to stress too much about the color, breed, gender, or traits of your dog. No matter what name you choose, it’s bound to be relevant and suitable for your dog. After all, wouldn’t every dog suit a name like pirate or Jack?

However, if you own a small dog, you are bound to have a lot more fun with Sid Meier’s Pirates! dog names. Small dogs tend to be more prevalent on boats - such as the Jack Russell or Schipperke, broadening the options available to you. Now, without further ado, it’s time to learn all there is to know about Sid Meier’s Pirates! and then choose a name to suit your dog.

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