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In the cutthroat world of tech company start-ups, the boys of Silicon Valley never fail to squeak through. This HBO series lets the nerds of the 21st century take the spotlight, following the story of a young employee at a big technology giant who happens to strike gold in the app world.

Things continue to unfold for Richard Hendricks, as his small but earth-shattering app draws the attention of friends, enemies, millionaires, and Erlich - an eccentric owner of an "idea incubator." With colorful characters and awesome names (we're looking at you, Gilfoyle), it's no wonder why you'd want to pick your next pupper's name from the hit show!

Silicon Valley Dog Names in Pop Culture

Silicon Valley Dog Name Considerations

When widdling down your "possible dog names" list, there are a few things you should think about. First, it might make more sense to prioritize appropriateness over humor, or else you could find yourself in hot water at the vet's office! Try to seek out a name that makes you smile, not blush. If you're drawing inspiration from Silicon Valley, you'll have no shortage of creative name choices that won't make people give you weird looks.

The next point to keep in mind is how the name actually feels when you say it. Many a moniker looks good on paper but sounds strained when coming out of your mouth. Say the name you're leaning towards out loud to a friend, or even try calling it in your house. If it's not a good fit, you'll know pretty quickly.

Another important factor in naming your new fur-baby is, well, them! Take a good look at your four-legged friend. What are their unique physical features? What makes them different from all of the other dogs? By focusing on your pooch's quirks, you can match them up to the character that best represents them in spirit, body, or mind, making anyone who knows the show giggle each time they are in your canine's presence.

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Community Dogs with Silicon Valley Names

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