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In the 2018 film, “Skyscraper,” Will Sawyer, played by Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, is a United States Marine war veteran and an FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) leader who lost his leg when he and HRT colleague Ben Gillespie meet up with a hostage taker with a suicide bomb. Then, a decade later, Will is working as a private security consultant who is hired to test the security of the world’s tallest skyscraper, a 225-story building in Hong Kong named “The Pearl.” Will brings his family with him to stay at the Pearl in Hong Kong and a gang of crooks set it on fire. Although there are no canines in the movie, there are plenty of characters and actors with names that would be perfect for your pooch.

Skyscraper Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Skyscraper Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Sometimes, just choosing your new fur buddy’s name is more difficult and takes more time than choosing the dog itself. That’s because your furry friend needs a moniker that fits them perfectly. It is best to sit down with your pupster and spend some time playing with them to see if they have any kind of funny or unique quirks or habits. In fact, the smallest detail can produce an amazing name that is impossible to figure out without spending that time together. For instance, Shui is the Chinese word for water and would be fun for a dog who likes water and Ping means peaceful and is perfect for that calm doggo.

You may also want to choose a name that relates to your pup’s appearance such as their coat color or size. For example, if you have a large dog, Tai, Wei, and Da all mean large or big and Buddha is an adorable moniker for a small, chubby pooch. Similarly, Xiao means white, Diandian is Chinese for spot, and both Jin and Gengi mean golden in Chinese and are cute names for a gold pup. Also, Lian means dainty and a would be a pawesome name for a petite pup, while Tofu would be fun for a white doggo. 

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