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We all like a good fairy tale. They are the stories that captivate children from all generations and are tightly woven into the fabric of our cultures. Few fairy tales are as popular as the story of Snow White. It is a beloved story that has been told and adapted so many times that the original can be hard to find. Snow White and The Huntsman is one of those adaptations, but it has the distinction of being one of the good adaptations. If you enjoy stories with a dark twist, then there is no doubt that you enjoyed this thrilling movie.

Snow White and the Huntsman Dog Names in Pop Culture

Snow White and the Huntsman Dog Name Considerations

Snow White is a symbol of purity. She is a character who embodies light and all that is good. In the original story, she is not the ideal modern heroine. She is saved by the handsome prince after being poisoned by her wicked step-mother. Many people say that she is not a good role model because of this. We have to disagree. True, she may not kick and punch her way through her problems, and she is saved by a prince, but think about the strength that this classic heroine possesses. She runs away from a life of luxury when her life is in danger. She lives in a tiny hut and is willing to serve others despite being a princess. Name your sweet canine after this princess, especially if your dog is resourceful.

She could have sat around all day whining about her problems until the dwarves were sick of her. Instead, she made the most of her situation. Despite all her troubles, she was still kind, loving and willing to look at the best in all people. A pup who is friendly and always personable will suit a movie from the film. In the Huntsman adaptation, we have a heroine who has sword skills and amazing inner strength. We chose names from both the Snow White movie and the Huntsman sequel since both movies feature the heroine prominently. 

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