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Synchronized swimming, or otherwise known as artistic swimming, is a beautiful dance in the water. It is a combination of swimming, gymnastics, and dance, which elegant swimmers perform with grace and seemingly effortless moves. The music accompanies the whole performance, making this one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing sports to watch. It is also a traditionally women’s sport, although men are slowly but surely fighting their way to the scene. However, at some competitions, men are still not allowed to participate. If you are a fan, or maybe a synchronized swimmer yourself, you may consider naming your pup after one of the champions and honoring their artistry and skill.

Synchronized Swimming Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Synchronized Swimming Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Synchronized swimming is a beautiful sport which requires a lot of strength, accuracy, elegance, and grace to be performed successfully. The intricate moves and the breathtaking choreographies are wonderful to watch and even harder to do, so a lot of respect goes to these amazing women and men who decide to take on this challenge. Therefore, if you are looking to name your doggo after one of these amazing athletes, look no further!

One option for your pup’s new moniker can be Candace, after Candace Costie, an American competitor and Olympic champion in synchronized swimming. Another fantastic choice is Esther or Jane, after Esther Jane Williams, often called America’s Mermaid who popularized this sport by appearing in films in the 1940s and 1950s. Representing the small but talented pool of male synchronized swimmers is Milan Kadrok, a junior synchronized swimmer from London, with a beautiful name that your doggo can bear as well. Another great option is to name your pup Bill, after Bill May, an American synchronized swimmer and probably the most famous one in the world. Of course, we cannot but mention Svetlana Romashina, a Russian competitor in synchronized swimming, and a five-times Olympic champion whose name can be a new word heard in your local dog park.

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