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Uzbekistan’s capital and largest city, Tashkent is home to a population of more than 2,485,000. The city is located in the northeastern part of the country, close to the border with Kazakhstan. Located within a well-watered plain between Shymkent and Samarkand, the city sits where the Chirchiq River and a few of its tributaries meet. Tashkent is divided into 11 districts and is home to many museums and monuments from the Soviet era. The population of the city is multi-ethnic, with ethnic Uzbeks in the majority.

Tashkent has much to offer, including a myriad of possible names, one of which may be perfect for your pup. 

Tashkent Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tashkent Dog Name Considerations

Deciding on a tag for your new pup can feel overwhelming. Which is understandable; whatever name you choose will be called many times a day for years to come so it is important that it is a name that you feel good about. First, take some time to think about what is important to you in a name. If one of the things that you are looking for in a name is that it has meaning to you, a good way to find ideas is to think of a place that you care about.

Consider the city of Tashkent, for example. The capital and largest city in Uzbekistan, Tashkent has a lot of history and culture to experience. If this place has meaning to you, take yourself on a virtual tour of the city and see what name possibilities you encounter. For example, you can consider the name Babur for Babur Recreation Park, or the name Navoi after the Navoi Opera Theater.

A name from Tashkent will provide you with regular reminders of the city, each time you call for your pup. 

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Community Dogs With Tashkent Names

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