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If we're talking about some of the most prominent and influential fighting games of all time, we can't end that discussion without bringing up Japanese game developer Seiichi Ishii's illustrious Tekken series. First created all the way back in 1994, the Tekken games feature fighters from all around the world who each practice distinct martial arts styles with death-defying grace and ease. The story of the Tekken series primarily follows the Mishima family and the troubles that arise from their cursed bloodline. In terms of gameplay, fans of Tekken have come to love the series for the level of verisimilitude found in the fighting styles the characters use as well as the intense battles that result from pitting world class fighters against each other.

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Tekken Dog Name Considerations

As with any great fighting game series, there's no shortage of lovable and memorable characters amongst Tekken's massive roster of characters. No matter who you are, there's undoubtedly a character in Tekken who will resonate with you by virtue of their fighting style, personality, or backstory; characters who are explicit homages to martial arts legends like Martial Law, Forest Law, and Lei Wulong will naturally garner fans of the icons they represent. Other characters, like virtually any member of the Mishima clan for instance, have garnered massive fan bases due to their warrior spirits and fighting styles. Indeed, any character from the Tekken universe can likely provide your dog with an excellent namesake, provided you choose carefully and consider which characters best represent your dog.

Fans of the Tekken series will also be quick to point out that the series, for all of its ruminating on brutal fist fights and cursed bloodlines, is not without its sense of humor; there are actually quite a large number of animals who play significant roles is the Tekken series, many of which even serving as playable characters over the years. The funniest thing about that, however, is the fact that there has yet to be a prominent canine character in the Tekken series despite being able to play as to two different breeds of bear, a boxing kangaroo, and a raptor!

Nevertheless, Tekken fans who own dogs with feisty personalities might want to name their pet Rodger or Alex. Fans who own dogs with brown coats or black and white coats might want to name their pet Kuma or Panda respectively. 

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Pit Bull
Oklahoma City, OK

when i first got the dog a pit bull i named it whorang he was playful the whole time

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