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The Count of Monte Cristo is a story by renowned author Alexandre Dumas. Like the rest of Dumas' work, it is full of action, heart-wrenching love stories and a life lesson or two. The story follows Edmond Dantes on his quest for revenge against all those who betrayed him. We follow Edmond from a simple love-struck sailor to a falsely imprisoned man to a fabulously wealthy Count who exacts revenge on the people who hoped to silence him forever. It is one of Dumas' most beloved works and for good reasons. It also has a wealth of fabulous dog name choices.

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The Count of Monte Cristo Dog Name Considerations

Since the story is so widely known and beloved, it should come as no surprise that the book was adapted into a move in 2002. Unfortunately, the book has a lot of material that the movie could not cover and so the movie and the book are different. The beginning is the same, and most of the characters are present. However, the Count's revenge is very different and the ending differs vastly from the original. We don't mind it though since both stories are interesting and a lot of fun to watch and read. The names in this guide were chosen from the book and the movie. 

Most of both stories take place mostly in France, during Napoleon's fall and thereafter. The setting is as dramatic and dynamic as the book, so we thought we would incorporate some French names as well. These are names that might have been familiar to Dumas himself. All the names on this list will make you feel as though your dog were a part of the Count's world. Doesn't your dog deserve to be a part of one of the most epic tales ever told? Besides, some of these names are just too beautiful to pass up. 

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