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You might be wondering, "How does The First 48 - a documentary about solving murders - relate to dogs?" You might not consider the fact that dogs are an integral part of the police force in cities across the world. German Shepherds moved from the countryside to the city to work as both military dogs and as assistants to policemen. Bloodhounds have been used as a part of investigations to find missing persons or to find a dead body. The Rottweiler was also utilized for some service work with police and military. There is an infinite list of people that work with the police; some may be featured on "The First 48" and will serve as inspirational name choices.

The First 48 Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The First 48 Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The premise of the reality show "The First 48" deals with solving murders. Statistics tell us that the clock begins ticking for crime investigators moments after the event takes place. If a murder is not solved within a forty-eight hour window period of time, the murder is, unfortunately, unlikely to ever be solved. For those who are intrigued by solving mysteries, it is easily understood that factors such as eyewitnesses and evidence left behind at the scene can make a difference in catching the perpetrator. Sadly, many crimes are not solved for months or years, and still, others are never solved at all. 

Previously, the mention of dog breeds who work alongside policemen showed how canines are invaluable to their human companions. While the German Shepherd and the Bloodhound are often most associated with police work, the Doberman Pinscher, Belgian Malinois, and even the Akita have been utilized for this special line of labor. Other dogs known for their work with the police are the Airedale Terrier, the Belgian Shepherd, the Belgian Tervuren, the Boxer, the Dutch Shepherd, and the Weimaraner. Labrador Retrievers, among other breeds, are often utilized for drug detection. There are some dogs devoted to finding cadavers; the Collie is an expert at this type of work. 

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