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The Goldbergs is by no means the first sitcom to resonate with a nostalgic audience and it won't be the last. It is, however, very popular and incredibly clever. Audiences can't get enough of it. People who grew up in the 80's can relate to the family's struggles, yet they are so relatable that even those who can't tell shoulder pads from perms can relate. Everyone enjoys following Adam's journey from cute kid to an awkward teenager. If you enjoy the show, and we know that you do, then you will enjoy picking one of these names for your dog.

The Goldbergs Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Goldbergs Dog Name Considerations

The show follows the exploits of the Goldberg family who must navigate their way through changing times. The premise is based on the producer, Adam Goldberg's own home movies, and real-life experiences. Of course, the show received the Hollywood treatment, but we do enjoy the level of realism. This is probably the element that makes the show so popular among older audiences. The clever writing and good acting are what makes it popular with people of all ages. The characters are diverse and fun. None of them fall flat and they all get a chance in the spotlight. 

For this naming guide, we have selected some of the best characters on the show. The actors who play them do such a good job that we almost can't associate them with anyone else, which is why they also star prominently on this list. And since Adam was so obsessed with pop culture, we have included some names from some of the most popular movies of the era. A bit of 80's flavor and family fun is exactly what you need to consider before naming your precious puppy. Who knows? Your puppy's new name could be waiting for them in this naming guide!

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