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The Last Samurai is a 2003 period film that dramatizes the story of the Satsuma Rebellion - a major Japanese conflict in which armies of samurai warriors fought against the Japanese government to keep their traditions and values alive. The film primarily follows a fictional Civil War veteran by the name of Nathan Algren, who is played by Tom Cruise. Algren is captured by Lord Katsumoto, who is played by Ken Lord Katsumoto, early in the film. It's during his time as a prisoner that Algren comes to understand samurai culture - beginning to see samurai warriors as valiant heroes by the film's end.

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The Last Samurai Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The Last Samurai is a film that pays homage to Japan's history and serves as a loving tribute to samurai culture as a whole. The Last Samurai loosely follows the Satsuma Rebellion and ends with a recreation of the Battle of Shiroyama. We'll be the first to tell you that the way the film depicts these events isn't entirely accurate - there weren't any disgraced Civil War vets fighting alongside samurai during the Battle of Shiroyama and the policy that inspired the rebellion - the Meiji Restoration - wasn't viewed as a bad thing by most samurai. But period films don't have to be accurate to convey a particular theme or message. The message of the Last Samurai ultimately implores viewers to learn from their pasts and find a way to mix the values of old with the philosophies of the present. If you're a big fan of samurai culture, then check out this film and judge it for yourself. If you become a fan of The Last Samurai, consider naming your dog after one of the characters in the movie or one of the real world figures who inspired them. You should also consider giving your dog a The Last Samurai name if your pet is a Japanese breed.
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