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Pixar is the trailblazing animation studio behind such classic films as Toy Story, The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille and Monsters Inc. as well as a number of critically lauded animated shorts like Geri's Game, Tin Toy, Boundin' and Luxo Jr. Directed by Leslie Iwerks, The Pixar Story is a documentary that delves into the history of Pixar and aims to divulge some of the secrets and inspirations behind the animation studio's most popular films. After watching The Pixar Story, fans of the company's films will get the opportunity to see their favorite Pixar characters and favorite Pixar stories in a brand new light.

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The Pixar Story Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you have plans to watch The Pixar Story, and more so if you've already seen it, chances are that you're a huge fan of Disney and Pixar. As such, you've probably already got a slew of Pixar inspired names that you can give to your dog; Buzz, Woody, and even Wall-E just to name a few. But consider also naming your dog after one of the hard working and dedicated artists at Pixar or after one of the numerous actors or actresses who helped bring those characters to life.

Figures like Brad Bird, Lee Unkrich, and Andrew Stanton are also deeply connected with the company, as well as actors like Tom Hanks, Don Rickles, Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Cusack. Many Pixar films also feature lovable animal characters, many of which have roles as main characters in their respective stories; Slinky Dog is one of Andy's original toys from the Toy Story series while Sid's Bull Terrier Scud is also prominently featured in the first film. Dug, Alpha, and the other dogs from Up were similarly based off of real world breeds while Dante from Coco introduced many audience members to Mexico's hairless dog, the Xolo. And even if your dog isn't of the same breed as any of the others listed above, they likely share many personality traits with one of them.

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