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The video games series of “The Secret of Monkey Island” first came out in 1990; developed by LucasArts, it is about pirates with names such as Guybrush Threepwood. Guybrush is is a wannabe pirate with high ambitions of becoming a fearless villain.  

If you want to name your dog after the characters in “The Secret of Monkey Island” you are certain to find some interesting specimens in our list;  mull them over before you name your pooch.  This article will be just what you need to gain inspiration so that you can name the newest member of your family after an old star favorite from the video game, “The Secret of Monkey Island.”

Monkey Island Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Secret of Monkey Island Dog Name Considerations

A type of dog that may be fitting for a Monkey Island moniker would be the Saint Bernard. Saint Bernards are large dogs that can look intimidating; they are very loyal to their masters and protective as well.  This type of dog would be perfect as a pirate dog because they could guard the ship and its loot from any other pirates wanting to steal from them. Dog breeds such as the Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, and Cairn Terrier are also popular breeds of dogs that people choose for their lifetime companions due to their friendly, loyal demeanor making them seaworthy companions and fitting for Monkey Island names as well.

Another forever friend type of dog for a pirate might also be a Beagle.  These dogs are very smart and can get out of any trouble they might be in, using their witty actions as does the fast-talking Spiffy, a canine character found in the Scumm Bar of Monkey Island.  If your dog, Beagle or otherwise, has a spunky attitude with a little bit of mischief thrown in, a pirate name would suit them well. Fans of "The Secret of Monkey Island" can also consider coat color; Spiffy is a grey and white dog with a perky personality to boot.

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