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When a new dog arrives on the scene, it is like magic. Suddenly there is someone who is on your side, who never turns against you, someone who is a true friend. Devoted and loyal, funny and amusing, the dog makes its presence felt and changes your life. Then it dawns on you, what name are you going to give this little furball? Are you just going to go with the usual run-of-the-mill dog names, or are you going to take some time and think it over and choose a name that is unique, that is tailored to your dog, and is a name that you will love for the many years to come? Well, we can help you out - because dogs are magic, we have compiled a list of names inspired by the time honored tale of The Sword in the Stone. A tale of mystery, magic and mayhem. So sit back and have a look at our list; it will save you hours of research and has a wide selection of male and female dog names all based on a swoosh of Merlin the Wizard's magic wand.

The Sword in the Stone Dog Name Considerations

The Sword in the Stone Dog Name Considerations

There are always a few factors to remember when choosing a name for your dog. Please choose a nice name; don't saddle your canine with a moniker that is offensive or derogatory. Remember you will have to live with it for many years, so what seems funny for a week will soon wear off and become less favorable. If you choose a name based on a foreign language, make sure you know what the name means. Some words in other languages sound lovely, yet they have an unpleasant meaning. Just do your research and be sure you are happy with the name before you decide on it. Dog names can be inspired by many things. They can be inspired by food, travel, a color, a place or even by a movie or tale such as the list we have compiled here for you. Because we think dogs are magic, we have taken inspiration from the age old tale of The Sword in the Stone. Merlin the Wizard, Mim the Witch, or just the name Camelot sends shivers down the spine. So have a read - these names are unique and we are sure you will be inspired by the choices we have set out for you.
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