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What's one of the most common complaints about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Extended Universe, or comic books in general? Well, the most common complain besides most heroes' sense of fashion? It's that the stakes don't matter; any characters that die will eventually be brought back to life, any changes to the status quo will eventually be undone. Even now, months away from its worldwide release, many folks are already convinced that Avengers: Endgame will render the events of Avengers: Infinity War null and void by resurrecting everyone and resetting everything. The Ultimate Marvel Universe was created to serve as a place where deaths aren't undone, changes are more permanent, and the status quo is always in flux. The Ultimates, in turn, are that Universe's answer to the Avengers.

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The Ultimates Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Despite differences in the team's core line up, The Ultimates still possess many of the same qualities that make the Mainstream Avengers so great. Both teams have had Captain America as one of their leading members and both groups have helped numerous former villains reform into champions of the downtrodden. Existing in a world where death is more permanent and changes are more drastic has caused the Ultimates to differ from the Mainstream Avengers in a few ways but both teams share similar spirits. Suffice it to say that if you're a fan of the Mainstream Earth 616 Avengers, then you'll likely love the Ultimates all the same and can consider one of the character's names for your dog.

Conversely, you may end up liking the Ultimates for how different they've been from the norm. Writers and artists have been allowed to take greater risks with the sort of stories and iconography they've created for the Ultimates over the years. As a result, fans of the Ultimates have experienced all kinds of strange tales and have witnessed all kinds of strange sights. While not every liberty taken with the Ultimates has gone over well (Ultimatum is a storyline that may live on in infamy forever), one has to respect how different and varied the Ultimates' stories have been. This Marvel series will allow for a variety of name choices. For a dog who likes to lead, consider Monica. Do you have a pup who likes to gallop around the house? Tag them with Pegasus. A take-charge kind of dog would wear the moniker Soldier well.

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