Top 10 Irish Dog Names

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The emerald island of Ireland has been a landmark of dog history. The proud people of Ireland have inhabited this island for nearly 10,000 years. Ireland has grown to have a large population of people, as well man's best friend. From early days as work companions, Irish dogs have long helped herd livestock, and over the years, have warmed their way into the country's hearts as beloved pets.

Nearly 49% of homes in Ireland own at least one dog, with nearly 75% of those households having owned their pet since they were a puppy. Despite its love for pups, only 9 breeds of dogs originated in the country. Although Ireland has a decent population of dogs, you don't have to be in Ireland to give your pup an Irish name. In America, Providence in Rhode Island has the highest concentration of Irish dog breeds in the world. A lot of the Irish names that come from the culture of Ireland have made it to the U.S., and have become pretty popular even among non-Irish breeds. To give your pup a bit of luck of the Irish, check out these top names for dogs from the Emerald Isle.


Patrick is a popular Irish name, especially since Saint Patrick became the patron saint of Ireland. Meaning Patrician or noble, this name would grandly suit an Irish Wolfhound or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


This popular female abbreviation for the name Patrick also means noble, and would suit your laid-back queen, like an Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier or English Bulldog.


The Shamrock is a green plant that is also the national emblem of Ireland. Your pup doesn't have to be lucky to have this name, but it will still suit fluffy pups like a Pomeranian or Poodle.

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Bridget is a beautiful name meaning strong or powerful in Irish. This cute and vigorous name will go well for energetic Irish breeds like the Kerry Blue Terrier or the Irish Water Spaniel.


Finnegan is a popular Irish surname and first name, popular due to its meaning of white or fair. This name will go great for light-colored pups like the Bichon Frise or the Samoyed.


We all love rainbows, especially for their colorful appearance usually after a rainy day or bad storm. This name is perfect for happy pups with colorful personalities like the Bichon Frise or the Labrador Retreiver.


Goldy is popular in Ireland due to its association with a Leprechaun's pot of gold and also means golden color or gilded. The name Goldy would be best suited for Golden Retrievers or Vizsla.


The name Kerry is an older Irish moniker that comes from the people of Ciar, meaning dark prince or princess. This gorgeous and prideful name is perfect for darker-coated pups like the Great Dane or German Shepherd.


The Irish name of Conor can be spelled as such, or like Connor, and typically means strong-willed or wise. This name would suit breeds such as the Akita or English Bulldog, or any Irish breed too.


The name Rogan is popular for its female and male use, and means redhead or red-haired. Obviously red-haired pups get this name a lot too, especially breeds like the Irish Setter and Irish Terrier.