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Vanity Fair is a novel written by William Makepeace Thackeray, an English author known for his satirical works. It follows the life of Becky Sharp and her friend Emmy Sedley during the Napoleonic Wars and shows their relationships with their families and gentlemen suitors in the early 19th-century British society. Vanity Fair has an unreliable narrator and is framed as a puppet play. It was quite popular at the time and even made into several movies, tv adaptations, and audio shows. The book features many illustrations that William Thackeray himself made to accompany the story and give a visual cue of where it was taking place.

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Vanity Fair Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Vanity Fair is one of the most significant pieces of English literature, and definitely a must-read for anyone who loves the Victorian era, or is interested in the British literature in general. Even though the novel is super long, it is worth reading as it shows an inside look of the upper-class society of the time, and reveals just how the whole system worked. Vanity Fair has a lot of interesting characters, some of which can serve as inspiration when naming your newest family member.

For example, an excellent moniker for your pup can be Becky, or Rebecca, after the main character, Becky Sharp, or perhaps Amelia or Emmy, after her friend from school Emmy Sedley. Rawdon Crawley is a younger brother of Pitt, a cavalry officer who ends up with Becky Sharp, and both brothers have fantastic names, and even a surname that can be written in your dog’s passport. Other notable characters are George Osborne, a vain, selfish, big spender, and a handsome man who married Amelia, Miss Matilda Crawley, a wealthy aunt of Pitt and Rawdon, William Dobbin, George Osborne’s best friend, a Captain in love with Amelia, and Lady Jane Crawley, a maternal figure, and Pitt Crawley’s wife.

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