Can Dogs Fake Being Peaceful?

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Although this is quite a thought-provoking notion, that dogs can fake peacefulness, it is in its purest form quite a hilarious concept. We already understand that dogs are not only intelligent and come from a consciousness that nearly all species share, they also possess emotions very similar to us, documented in studies as well as in our own experiences.

Regardless of your belief, this may well be the result of receiving positive reinforcement, either by receiving treats and food or from the sheer happiness a dog owner may express to their pet dog. But lets delve deeper into the subject and explore the many idiocies these amazing creatures behold.

Introduction of Can Dogs Fake Being Peaceful?

Signs of a Dog Being Peaceful

Your dog may be incredibly intelligent. If in the past when they have displayed a facial expression that denoted peacefulness and you rewarded them with a cute “Aww” and a hug or a kiss, very quickly, your dog will experiment and learn what behaviors cause them to get rewarded with the things they like. And as soon as your dog gets this down pat, they can switch the light on and pose with their favorite “Peaceful” face, expecting, for their superb display of utter adorableness, their most prized reward - YOU!

So, how would your dog display this fake “Peacefulness"? At first glance, your dog may relax their body and move into a pose, not unlike a YOGA position. They may also expose their belly or deliberately close their eyes with a wistful gleam shining through. Their ears may flop and remain relaxed and their whole demeanor may promote peacefulness and serenity. 

Just how dogs emanate this aura is anyone’s guess, but just as dogs are used in a variety of ways as service dogs because they are astute and clever, the average dog is just as intelligent and can pick up on new habits, for better or worse. And what most dogs, if not all dogs, need is love, care, and attention and an environment where they can thrive, have fun, and be entertained.

Body Language

Signs your dog is being peaceful include:
  • Head tilting
  • Listening
  • Ears drop
  • Hugging

Other Signs

More clues that your pooch is feeling peaceful are:
  • Relaxed body posture
  • Closing their eyes
  • Exposing their bellies

History of Dogs Faking Peacefulness

History of Can Dogs Fake Being Peaceful?

There is not a lot of information out there to support evidence of dogs faking emotions, although many dog owners have sneaking suspicions that their own pooches do and are capable of a little faking. At first glance, we would have to address what their motivations are and question why they feel the need to display this behavior. 

If you have ever looked back from the time you were introduced to your dog and how your unique relationship developed, there will be obvious signs of when your dog may have learned a behavior in order for them to receive their reward. Maybe they experienced the height of pleasure. Maybe you touched a part of their soul. The reality is, just like humans, they can remember important events that trigger such a loving response. And just like us, they would love a repeat performance.

The funny thing about looking back in history is that dogs have earned the reputation of man’s best friend on several levels. In the past, dogs were used in a variety of ways and were taught certain skills and tricks. These stories yield way back in time. 

If you think about this, it is quite amazing to witness such a powerful mix of human and dog interaction and it is no wonder why dogs are relied on for their astuteness and their loyalty. Is it really unbelievable that dogs have evolved to a point where they can pick up on us with their sixth sense and innate ability to understand exactly what their owners want - and how much reward and positive reinforcements they can gain from faking?

Science of Dogs Faking Peacefulness

Science of Can Dogs Fake Being Peaceful?

There is a little confusion around the science of dogs faking emotions such as peacefulness. In its raw nature, there is sufficient understanding that they can fake and they do fake emotions, but no actual studies in a scientific way have ever been conducted. Although there is a calling for such studies to be introduced.

Talking from a scientific viewpoint, you would need to address the whole relationship between the dog owner and the dog, the quality of that relationship with regards to how the dog owner responds to certain emotions, and whether the dog needs extra attention. As mentioned above, maybe the whole “Faking” bit can boil down to the immense pleasure the dog felt when it first displayed the “Peaceful” emotion.

Training Dogs to Fake Being Peaceful

Training of Can Dogs Fake Being Peaceful?

This is an exciting concept. Although this appears easy, in fact, it does have its own set of circumstances that may prove hard to establish. First of all, you cannot literally sit your dog down and cajole your dog into the act of peacefulness. All you can do is wait till they emit that emotion and richly reward them. 

At this stage, they may not know why they are getting this pampered treatment, but as an ongoing process over however long it takes, your pet dog will eventually, with any luck, pick up on the emotion and begin to start using it.

In some ways, this may not always be possible. The thing is, like us humans, your dog may be more stabilized and content - meaning they have a robust disposition and are quite accepting with how they live and what they do. In other words, they may not need to display a fake emotion because they already get their rewards just from ordinary good behavior

But other dogs, maybe dogs that have either experienced a little neglect or abuse, may indeed find it more appealing to learn once they discover the amazing pleasure from displaying a certain disposition and they may find ways to replicate the experience whether they truly feel that emotion or not.

As a dog owner wanting to encourage this behavior, you need to respond to your dog in such a massive way at the right time to imprint on your dog’s personality and heart what you desire and what you wish they would feel. Make no mistake how attractive this emotion is by rewarding and enforcing it.

How to React to Your Dog Faking Peacefulness:

  • Real or fake, this behavior is one you likely want to encourage, so offer praise, treats, and pets whenever your pooch is peaceful.
  • Make sure that you are giving your dog daily walks and loves as well. If you find they put on a lot of fake behaviors to get attention, you make not be filling their daily quota of love.