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Can Dogs Fake Serenity?



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Can Dogs Fake Serenity?


It’s a fact that dogs can learn new habits and behaviors when they are taught by their owners and it is a fact that positive reinforcement encourages dogs to learn in a safe and fun environment. But have you ever wondered whether dogs can learn not only some very important tricks but also a naughty behavior, like faking?

Let us explain. Most dogs, if not all dogs, gravitate to reacting to positive stimuli - positive experiences that imprint on the dog's heart and mind. So, if this was the case, would it be unreasonable to think that dogs could also learn to fake emotions, like serenity, in order to gain their most treasured prize - your attention? Let’s delve into this theory in this article.


Signs that a Dog is Faking Serentiy

It might not surprise you that dogs are very intelligent animals and can pick up new habits and behaviors rather quickly. If your dog emanates serenity and you have no idea why other than your dog is in absolute bliss, consider they may have learned that behavior to be rewarded with either your attention or their favorite treat. Even a smile, a hug, or a kiss can motivate your dog's outward appearance of serenity or their ability to fake serenity, and this faking is a direct result of learning what behaviors you quickly reward.

The main sign your dog is faking serenity is their relaxed body and face. This is a mammoth feat in itself if you think about it. And as a result, they may have learned to let their ears flop and make their eyes squint with a gleam shining through. In some ways, it’s hilarious to think your dog does this, but it is also a little sad to think they need to do this to get attention. However, your dog loves it and, like a clown in a circus, will put on a display for you and get that extra loving.

Body Language

Some signs that your dog is faking being serine include:

  • Head Tilting
  • Listening
  • Hugging
  • Dropped Ears

Other Signs

More signs that your pooch is trying to fake serenity are:

  • Relaxed Body
  • Trying To Lay Peacefully, While Shaking

History of Dogs Faking Serenity


Dogs date back to ancient cultures and they have been utilized in many ways such as for farming or hunting, although only in recent years in WW1 did they become regarded as domestic pets. They earned the position of man's best friend through their utmost loyalty and their incredible ability to work in service. 

The ability to fake serenity has only just been asked about in these present times. Whether that’s because people never had the inclination to find out or whether past generations of people didn’t notice or care, we are not sure. But because of the internet and technology, the question of faking emotions has actually become visually more popular. 

Google and many keyword tools out there can verify people are not only asking, but are given answers from dog owners who suspect their dogs are using this emotion to get what they want. So, suffice to say, with a considerate gamble, they can and do fake serenity.

Science of Dogs Faking Serenity


Scientifically speaking, it really boils down to action and reward. Just like you go to work for your wages, your dog puts forth effort to get what they want. You wouldn’t go to work if you weren’t going to get your wages, so it’s not a huge jump for you to see that faking serenity is a dog’s way to get their rewards. 

How this action is learned is anyone’s guess, but if you think about your most precious and treasured times imprinted on your memory in your own life, it is similar to a dog’s heart and mind. They may have experienced such joy and happiness when they were really serene. And they caught on over time that you also gave them more attention or affection when they were laying calmly. 

So from a basic and simplistic viewpoint, there is a definitive correlation between faking emotion and rewards. And this correlation, once learned, can be worked with to establish your unique bond with your pet dog. 

Training Your Dog to Fake Serenity


This is not as simple as it sounds. Glancing at this task, you need your dog to be in a natural state of serenity to start with. Maybe you can catch them when they are resting by the fire, calm and at peace. At this point, you can go into complete overload and bestow them with heaps of love and attention. 

Over time, you can repeat this process until it is imprinted in their hearts. Believe it or not, whether it is your intention to train your dog, some dogs have already learned these cunning tricks. So this process can be learned relatively simply because your dog may already associate this trick with other important emotions.

This is a process that may take some time. Relax. The thing is, you cannot cajole your dog into this state of serenity and it's near on impossible to always be there when they are. Let’s face it, some of us work and have things to do in life. But if you can create that bond time at night after dinner, where you spend some time with them and allow them to settle, then that would be the ideal opportunity for you to give them extra loving, hugs and kisses, and maybe even a treat. 

So all in all, have lots of fun, laden your pet dog with every bit of goodness you can squeeze out of the treat box and your loving arms, and shower them with all your love and kisses. 

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By a Maltichon lover Nicola Tewhare

Published: 06/22/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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