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Can Dogs Live with Peafowl?



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Can Dogs Live with Peafowl?


We love dogs due to their friendly and social nature. As we appreciate their ability to be extremely social animals, we often wonder how far that friendliness extends. Can dogs successfully live with all kinds of animals? We've seen them interact and live with cats, rodents, livestock, and more. But, what about birds? 

A quick search on the Internet has probably made you believe that dogs can be friends with all species. What about peafowl? Can you have peafowl at your home and be sure that both animals are safe around each other? Let's explore what happens when peafowl and dogs live together.


Signs Dogs and Peafowl can Live Together

Dogs are known for their ability to adapt to all kinds of lifestyles. That means that dogs are generally fairly good at adapting to other species in their home. While you have probably seen cute Internet videos of dogs interacting with rodents and cats and other quirky animals, you probably haven't seen much about dogs and peacocks. It probably doesn't happen often, but dogs are likely to do just fine around peafowl, but peafowl may not enjoy living around dogs too much.

With more and more people getting exotic pets, it is likely that dogs and peafowl are going to come into contact more and more in the future. These non-traditional pets are not only beautiful, but they are also very cool to have around. Since dogs are very common household pets, you need to be sure that your dog and peafowl can live in the same area without any incidents.

You can train your dog to behave appropriately around these majestic birds, but it is very hard to teach birds to live with other creatures, so you are going to have your work cut out for you.

Body Language

Body language signs that your dog is excited by a peafowl include:

  • Alert
  • Barking
  • Whining
  • Jumping Up
  • Wag Tail

Other Signs

Signs that dogs and peafowl can live together include:

  • Neutral Behvaior
  • Obedient Nature
  • Calm Demeanor

History of Dogs Living with Peafowl


Throughout history, dogs have been known to live with all kinds of different animal species. Dogs have been known to successfully live with livestock and other domesticated pets, and even though dogs were often bred to hunt small mammals and rodents, they have proven that they can successfully co-exist with these creatures. So, it is highly likely that dogs could live with other animals - including peafowl - as well.

There isn't much information about dogs living with peafowl, or other birds for that matter, so it is hard to say much about the situation. However, with all that we know about dogs, we can guess that dogs would do fairly well with peafowl with a little training. 

You will want to invest a lot of time in working with your dog before you ever allow the two animals to be alone together, but you can teach your dog how to properly interact with the peafowl to prevent injury or incident.

Science Behind a Dogs Living with Peafowl


We consider dogs to be such great pets due to the way that they socialize and interact with animals of other species. This unique nature makes them perfect for being around young children and all kinds of other animals. We love that dogs are able to adapt and find a way to live with all kinds of different animals, but it is important to understand that it isn't always easy for dogs and other animals to live together.

Not all animals are as social as dogs are. That means that you need to be careful when working with the animals. While your dog may seem happy enough to be around the peafowl, the peafowl may not be too happy about its living arrangements with a dog. Never force the two animals to be around one another. You should also make sure that you allow each of the species to have time alone. Be considerate of both animals and make sure you are cautious.

Training Your Dog to Live with Peafowl


If you want to have both peafowl and dogs, you need to take the time to work with these animals to ensure that they can successfully cohabitate your home or yard. For your peace of mind, you need to make sure that your dog knows basic commands such as "sit" and "stay." "Leave it" will also be an important command for your dog to know if you are planning on bringing a new animal into the home. 

You will want to make sure that your dog has all these basic commands down before you introduce your dog to a peafowl because they will help you keep both animals safe during the process.

Introducing your dog to a new pet is a process. You will want to take your time and make sure that your dog and peafowl are both as comfortable as possible throughout the whole ordeal. You will want to keep your dog close to you and slowly bring it closer and closer to the bird. After each step forward, wait until the dog is calm before moving again. If your dog can’t stay calm, you should take at least one step backward.

You may want to find a way to keep the peafowl contained while you let your dog get used to its scent, as well as the way it looks and sounds. This will keep both animals safe while they get to know each other without meeting.

During this process, reward your dog with treats for good behavior, and remove the dog from the situation when it behaves poorly. You want to be sure that you are only encouraging behavior that you want to see your dog exhibit around the peafowl in the future. 

You can have your dog perform basic commands to earn treats to take their mind off of the peafowl. Capturing your dog's attention may be difficult, but if you can get your pooch to focus on you, it may be easier to keep them calm during the process.

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Safety Tips for Dogs Living with Peafowl:

  1. Take the time to train your dog to interact with the peafowl.
  2. Never leave the two species alone together.

By a Pomsky lover Chelsea Mies

Published: 06/01/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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