Can Dogs Sense a Spirit?

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Ghosts and spirits continue to cause controversy today, just as they have for many centuries. Some people steadfastly refuse to believe in their existence while others are convinced they do exist and even claim to have seen or sensed them. 

Whatever your beliefs, one thing you can be certain of is that dogs have no reason to lie or believe one way or another whether ghosts and spirits exist. However, in places where there has been or is meant to be a ghost or a spirit, some dogs have been known to act extremely odd, which suggests that dogs can indeed sense a spirit.

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense a Spirit?

Signs Your Dog May Sense a Spirit

If your dog can sense a spirit or entity, its behavior and actions will give you an indication that something is going on. Dogs can react in different ways when it comes to spirits. Some dogs that sense a spirit will become very excitable and alert while others may become more fearful or aggressive. It may be something to do with the type of spirit that the dog senses, as dogs are very good at sensing when a person is good or bad, so what’s to say they cannot sense when a spirit is good or bad?

Some of the signs that your dog may show if it senses a spirit or entity include teeth baring, growling, barking, tail tucking, tail wagging, alertness, a raised paw, and raised hair on the nape of the neck. As you can see, these are all very different signs and will depend on the nature of your dog and what it senses. 

Some dogs will show aggressive or fearful signs such as the teeth-baring and tail tucking. Others will show more excitement or curiosity such as the tail wagging or alert staring. While you may think that your dog is behaving strangely at nothing, you have to bear in mind that dogs can sense, hear and smell things that humans can’t.  

The body language of dogs is also very obvious when they sense a spirit or entity. Again, this is something that will depend on what the dog senses and what sort of personality your dog has. Some dogs will wag their tails, stare, look alert, and run up to the thing they can sense. In other cases and with other dogs, the body language signs you see may include the dog backing away, tucking its tail, pulling away from or avoiding a certain area of the home, or baring its teeth at something. As with general signs, the body language of a dog can depend on the dog itself and what it senses from the spirit or entity. 

Body Language

Signs to watch for if you think your dog is sensing a spirit include:
  • Growling
  • Staring
  • Alert
  • Whining
  • Wag tail
  • Back hair on edge
  • Tail tucking
  • Exposed teeth

Other Signs

More things to look out for if you think your dog is sensing a spirit are:

  • Reluctance to go in a particular area or room
  • Following something around
  • Sniffing at the air
  • Paw raised in the air

History of Dogs Sensing Spirits

History of Can Dogs Sense a Spirit?

Many tests have been carried out over the decades into how sensitive dogs’ senses are, and we now know that their hearing and sense of smell are excellent compared to those of humans. In fact, over the years, dogs have been used in various capacities because of their sense of smell and in many industries, they have become known as being more effective than high-tech equipment that is used for the same job.

Well, the same goes for dogs and spirits, with experts believing that it is a dog’s senses that enable it to be more adept at sensing spirits that some of the high tech devices that are used by paranormal investigators. 

Over recent years we have also seen many dogs reacting to spirits in movies such as the original Poltergeist. While these clever pooches were simply acting and taking direction, the idea of them sensing a ghost or a spirit is based on reality. The other thing to remember is that dogs can hear at extremely high frequencies, which we have also learned through historical research. So, it could be that they sense, smell, and perhaps even see spirits while we don’t even know there is anything there. 

The Science Behind Dogs Sensing Spirits

Science of Can Dogs Sense a Spirit?

It is often thought that dogs, cats, and other animals have a sixth sense that enables them to see or detect spirits. However, according to science, it is actually the acute senses of our pooches that enable them to detect spirits rather than a sixth sense as such. With their ability to hear high-frequency sounds, their excellent sense of smell, and their great detection skills, it is thought that dogs can smell and hear something when there is a spirit around. 

Obviously, as we don’t have such acute senses, we don’t hear or smell what they do, which is why dogs often look as though they are reacting to nothing. 

Helping Your Dog Once They Sense a Spirit

Training of Can Dogs Sense a Spirit?

So, what do you do if you see your dog reacting strangely in your own home? Well, if your dog displays some of the signs shown above and there is no obvious reason for it to do so (as far as you are concerned), it could well be that your pooch senses a spirit. 

Of course, not all people believe in such things, but for those that do, it can be a spooky experience. Seeing your dog barking, whining, growling, or staring at something that is not there can be unnerving, to say the least. If you are a believer – or even if you are not – you could actually get an expert in to investigate and see whether there is a ‘presence’ in your home.

You have to bear in mind that dogs can sense all sorts of things that we would never be able to. In many cases, they can detect them even before specially made, high-tech equipment would be able to. This includes everything from electrical pulses and vibes through to illness in a human being. The astonishing senses of dogs make it possible for them to detect these things, so there is no reason to believe that these same senses would not enable dogs to also sense spirits.

When a dog senses things, it is often based on an energy, and according to paranormal experts, this is partly what their equipment picks up on when on ghost hunting expeditions. The only difference with a dog is that it is all natural and based on its own instincts and senses rather than on high-tech machinery. So, if you do see your dog reacting to something in or around your home and it sends a shiver down your spine, it may be time to get on the phone to Ghost Busters! 

How to React to Your Dog Sensing a Spirit:

  • Call Ghost Busters!
  • Speak to a paranormal expert.
  • Find out more about the history of your home.
  • Monitor how your dog is acting.