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Can Dogs Sense Babies in Utero?



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Can Dogs Sense Babies in Utero?


By now you have probably realized that your dog has some amazing abilities that humans just don’t possess. While dogs can hear and smell things that humans have no ideas about, we seem to think that they are clueless to even the biggest changes in our lives. 

Many dog owners find it surprising to learn that dogs seem to understand the changes that happen to a woman’s body during pregnancy. Scientists even believe that dogs can smell hormone changes in a pregnant woman’s body, so they understand that something is different. Let’s find out just how dogs figure out that women are pregnant.


Signs Dogs Can Sense Babies in Utero

It is probably true that dogs don’t really understand what is happening when a woman is pregnant. They don’t know that the changes taking place mean that there will be a new baby in a few months. What they do know is that there are changes happening. They can see the changes in a pregnant woman’s mood, body language, posture, behavior, and body chemistry. They can even smell hormone changes.

Your dog will probably also notice that there is a change in your schedule. For example, your dog may get fewer walks, because their pregnant owner is tired more frequently and would rather rest. This small change is something that your dog is likely to pick up on.

Dogs don’t have great vision, but your dog will probably also notice that a pregnant woman’s body looks different. Your dog will see that bellies are growing, and this growth must mean something.

As your pregnancy progresses, you are likely to be bringing more and more new things into your home for the new baby. Your dog will see all these new things and know that there is something going on. Your dog may even be really curious about all the new stuff.

Many women report that their dogs suddenly become really protective of them during their pregnancy, which is proof that dogs know that something is going on, even if they don’t know what it is.

Body Language

When your dog senses that someone is pregnant, they may become really protective. Here are some body language signs your dog may display as it protects a pregnant woman:

  • Growling
  • Alert
  • Barking
  • Back Hair On Edge
  • Ears Back

Other Signs

Other signs that dogs can sense a baby in utero include:

  • Changes In Behavior
  • Cuddling Near The Baby Belly

History of Dogs Being Able to Sense Babies in Utero


For as long as dogs have lived with families, they have been around pregnant women and children. That means that dogs have been around pregnant women for thousands of years. Over all these years, there have been clues that dogs have given us to let us know that they know that something is different when women are pregnant. You may have even noticed your own dog doing odd things around pregnant women, and that is because they can tell that something is different, especially with a woman they are familiar with.

Many dogs instinctually become more protective of their owner when they are pregnant. They may also become more affectionate. If your dog becomes more protective than usual, you may also notice that they even try to protect you from other people that they are familiar with. This could include a husband, sibling, or neighbor.

You need to remember that your dog has feelings, and some of the changes that happen during a pregnancy can be upsetting to dogs. You should watch to see how their behavior changes. If they need training or additional attention or something else, you may be able to provide them help. Your dog may start to urinate around the house, chew on new baby items, or become agitated and uncooperative.

Science Behind Dogs Sensing Babies in Utero


We all know that dogs can smell and hear things that we can’t even fathom. While we are unable to smell hormones, our dogs can smell them. They can even smell the hormones associated with pregnancy. These smells are likely to cause your dog to have some kind of reaction to pregnant women. Your dog may also see a number of changes like how a woman looks or acts when she is pregnant.

Dogs may be able to sense that something is going on, but they don’t know what pregnancy really means in humans. The fact that dogs even notice subtle changes during pregnancy is impressive, however.

Dealing with Dogs Sensing Babies in Utero


Dogs are not all the same. While some may not seem to care much about their owner’s pregnancy, other dogs may display some behaviors that their owners don’t like. First, you need to understand that your dog is going through sensory overload. All these changes in pregnant women can cause your dog to feel stressed and uncomfortable. During this time, though difficult, you need to be patient and calm with your pooch.

It is important that you monitor your dog’s behavior. If your dog’s attitude and mannerisms change, you may need a solution. Dogs may start urinating in the home or chew on items you have brought into your home for the new baby. You may need to get a dog trainer to help you deal with these issues before the baby arrives. A trainer may be able to help you get your dog back on the right track.

Some dogs will become overly protective of their pregnant owner. While these dogs are well-intentioned, they can cause a lot of problems for their owners. You need to deal with the aggression that your dog is displaying before you bring home a baby, because your dog could injure someone or hurt the baby when it comes.

Regardless of how your dog acts during your pregnancy, you want to be cautious when it comes time to introduce the pooch to a new baby. Babies are very fragile, and even gentle dogs could accidentally cause injuries to a baby. You should make the introduction slowly and be extremely patient with your dog. You also never want to leave your dog alone with your baby at any time. Over time, your dog will get used to the new smells and sounds associated with a new baby, which will make them less likely to cause any problems around the baby.

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Published: 04/28/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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