Can Dogs Sense Bad Spirits?

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Anyone that believes in ghosts and spirits will know that there are meant to be both good and bad ones. In life, people can fall into the category of good or bad, so it is only natural that this also happens in the spirit world. Many paranormal experts will tell you that, in some cases, bad spirits can come across as being good spirits in order to fool others.

However, one other thing we know is that our dogs cannot be easily fooled when it comes to something bad pretending to be something good. Dogs are able to detect energy such as spirits and are very adept at telling the difference between good and bad simply from the vibes they pick up.

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense Bad Spirits?

Signs Your Dog Senses a Bad Spirit

So, what are the signs that your dog may be sensing an evil spirit? Well, the reactions of your pooch will give you an idea that it has sensed something that you cannot see. In addition, the way in which it behaves and acts can indicate whether it has sensed something good or bad. If your dog senses a bad spirit, it will display a number of signs. These can vary based on the personality and nature of your dog. Some dogs will go into an aggressive or protective mode while others may show signs of nerves and fear.

If your dog is a very protective one, some of the signs it may show when confronted by a bad spirit include growling, snarling, baring its teeth, raised hackles, and attacking something that doesn’t appear to be there. If you have a nervous pooch that becomes easily spooked, you may notice signs such as cowering, whimpering, whining, hiding, becoming submissive, and tail tucking. 

Because this is a bad spirit, all signs will be negative ones. However, some dogs will want to ward off the bad spirit while others will want to hide from it. This all depends on the nature of your dog. 

When your dog senses a bad spirit, this will often be displayed in its body language. You may find that your dog displays body language signs such as exposing its teeth, going into attack mode, and creeping very slowly toward something you cannot see as though it is about to attack. Other dogs will show signs such as trembling, hiding away, refusal to go into a particular area or room, and tucking its tail between its legs. Again, this will be dependent upon whether your dog is being aggressive toward the bad spirit or is frightened and unnerved by it. 

Body Language

Some signs that your dog will show if they sense a bad spirit include:
  • Growling
  • Whining
  • Cowering
  • Tail tucking
  • Exposed teeth

Other Signs

More signs to watch for are:

  • Becoming submissive
  • Hiding away
  • Reluctance to enter a certain room

The History of Dogs Sensing Bad Spirits

History of Can Dogs Sense Bad Spirits?

For many decades, the race has been on to prove the existence of ghosts and spirits. However, the chances are that our pooches are already well aware of their existence even if we are not too sure. Dogs are able to detect good and bad in a person and they are also able to pick up on energy, which is what spirits are. This combination means that they can sense bad spirits even though we sense, feel, and see nothing. 

To some dog owners, this indicates dogs have some sort of sixth sense. However, according to researchers, this ability is because dogs have such excellent existing senses such as their sense of hearing and smell.

Over the years, we have come to realize that dogs can detect things way before humans and even before much of the high-tech equipment used in various industries. This includes everything from gas leaks through to earthquakes and electrical storms. It is only natural, therefore, that they can sense when there is a spirit present. In addition to this, the dog's ability to sort good eggs from bad means that they can tell whether the spirit they encounter is a good one or a bad one. 

The Science of Dogs Sensing Bad Spirits

Science of Can Dogs Sense Bad Spirits?

Many people wonder why it is that dogs can sense bad spirits – or any spirits, for that matter – while humans and even some equipment can’t. Well, according to science, it is all down to the dog’s acute senses. Dogs are able to hear noises at far higher frequencies than humans. 

Whether or not spirits emit any noise remains to be seen but there is a chance that the dog can hear something that we can’t. In addition, a dog’s excellent sense of smell means that it can sniff things out that we cannot even detect. Obviously, equipment cannot ‘sniff’ things out, so it seems that dogs are the most efficient means of determining the presence of a bad spirit. 

Handling Your Dog Sensing a Bad Spirit

Training of Can Dogs Sense Bad Spirits?

It is only natural for us, humans, to be intrigued about whether our dogs can smell things such as bad spirits and entities. Even those that do not believe in such things may have thought twice after seeing their pooch behaving in a distinctly odd manner for no apparent reason. 

If you want to try and work out whether your dog can sense a bad spirit, you need to take time to monitor its behavior and see whether it changes at a certain time of the day or night. You may also find that your dog’s behavior changes when it goes into a particular room or area within your home, as this could be where it senses the bad spirit.

Make sure you watch your dog’s behavior and actions closely to see if it displays any of the signs outlined above. If so, take notes of where and when your pooch acts in this way so you can better determine whether there is any pattern forming. This will enable you to see whether your dog displays the signs of sensing a bad spirit at particular times or in certain areas of the home. You can then follow in your dog’s footsteps to see whether you can pick up on any sensations yourself when you are in those areas at those times. It is possible that, although you may not sense a bad spirit in the same way as your pet, you will pick up on something.

Another thing you could do is speak to a paranormal expert about what your dog is doing and about any sensations that you pick up on. These experts are always on the lookout for places that they can investigate for signs of activity, so they could come out and take a look at the room or area themselves to determine whether there could be something present. 

How to React to Your Dog Sensing a Bad Spirit:

  • Speak to paranormal experts.
  • Go into that room or area yourself to see if you feel anything.
  • Note when and where this behavior takes place.
  • Make notes of the signs your dog displays.