Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

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For many people, ghosts are simply elements of horror movies and supernatural TV shows. A lot of people simply do not believe that ghosts exist in the real world. However, there are also many people that steadfastly believe ghosts do exist, so opinions over this matter are very mixed. However, when it comes to dogs, there are no opinions over whether or not ghosts exist. 

Dogs do not have beliefs in the same way that we do, yet there is evidence that dogs can actually sense ghosts. So, if dogs don’t lie and do not have opinions, does their ability to sense ghosts mean that they must exist? Well, this is still a controversial topic, but there is no doubt that dogs definitely have the ability to sense entities such as ghosts.

Introduction of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

Signs Your Dog Senses a Ghost

You will find that your dog displays a variety of different signs when it senses a ghost. This will often depend on the nature of your dog, as some dogs are more nervous than others. In addition, it can even depend upon whether the ghost your dog senses is good or bad, as this is something that dogs are able to pick up on. If you notice your dog is behaving strangely and appears to be paying attention to something that you cannot see or detect, it could well be that your dog can sense a ghost in the room.

With nervous dogs, some of the signs you may see when it senses a ghost include tail tucking, whining, hiding, and reluctance to go into the area or room. With aggressive dogs, you may notice snarling, growling, hair standing on edge, and exposed teeth. 

If your dog is more playful or curious, it may be wagging its tail, play bowing, raising its paw, barking in a more excited manner, head tilting, staring intently at a particular spot, and running around the area where is senses the ghost. Some may even fetch toys such as a ball and place them in the area where they sense the entity so that they can ‘play’.

It is also a good idea to look at the body language your dog displays when it is showing some of the above signs. This can provide you with a further sign that your dog can sense something. As with the general signs, body language can vary based on your dog’s nature and whether it senses a good or bad ghost. 

Some of the signs you may see include running and jumping up, head tilting, raising a paw, exposed teeth, raised hackles, and wagging tail. As you can see, the body language can vary widely based on how the dog feels about the ghost, as some will be nervous, some will become aggressive, and some will be curious. 

Body Language

Some signs to watch for if you think your dog is sensing a ghost include:
  • Growling
  • Head tilting
  • Whining
  • Jumping up
  • Wag tail
  • Back hair on edge
  • Running
  • Tail tucking
  • Paw raised
  • Exposed teeth

Other Signs

More signs to look out for are:

  • Sniffing in a particular spot
  • Reluctance to enter a room
  • Hiding away

History of Dogs Sensing Ghosts

History of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

Throughout history, dogs have been known for their excellent senses such as hearing and smell. Some owners even think that their dogs have a sixth sense and this is why they are able to detect energies such as ghosts. However, experts believe that it is the fact that dogs have such acute existing senses coupled with their incredible detection skills. 

Dogs are able to sense things that we cannot and they can even pick up on things that modern equipment is unable to manage. In many industries, dogs are said to be more adept than humans and high-tech equipment at detecting things, and it seems that the paranormal industry could be one of these.

Many dog owners have anecdotal stories of their pets having sensed ghosts in the home. After observing their pet’s behavior, some have even started to pick up on things themselves or called out paranormal experts to take a look and confirm there is something present. 

Cases of supernatural activity and haunting in the past have also included evidence of pets reacting to the spirits in the home. This is something that has been picked up by paranormal investigators dealing with these cases. The reactions of the dogs in real cases have been used in many supernatural movies and TV shows. 

The Science of Dogs Sensing Ghosts

Science of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

According to researchers, there is a combination of factors that make dogs so adept at sensing ghosts. This is a combination of their excellent sense of hearing, their superb sense of smell, and their ability to pick up on energy. Whether or not dogs can actually see ghosts remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that dogs can pick up on energy through their smell, hearing, and natural instincts. 

When dogs react to ghosts, many will react in the same way they would if there was an actual person standing in front of them. The only difference is that this is a person that we cannot see but the dog can clearly sense.  

Working Out if Your Dog Senses a Ghost

Training of Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

Some people are intrigued as to whether their fur-balls can sense ghosts but they have no idea how to go about finding out. Well, one of the things you can do is simply monitor the way your dog behaves at home. For example, you may find that at certain times of the day or night, your dog starts to act a little weirdly. It may be that your pooch starts to display some of the above signs when it goes into a particular area of the home or into a certain room. If this happens, you could well be witnessing your dog sensing a ghost in your very own home.

If your dog does display these signs, take some time to make a note of the times and areas of the home where it does this. You might find that there is a pattern that forms, which would indicate that your dog can sense a ghost at particular times or in a certain room within the home. You can then take it a step further and go into the same area of the home yourself as soon as your dog starts reacting in this way. This will enable you to determine whether you can feel or sense anything strange. While you may not sense a ghost in the same way as your dog can, you might find that you get goose pimples or that the hairs on your arm stand up on end.

Another thing to note is that, according to experts, the temperature in an area where there is a ghost or entity can drop dramatically. So, once you have identified the area or room in which your dog behaves strangely, put a room thermometer in there so you can check on any major temperature changes. If you find that the temperature does drop when your dog is behaving strangely, this could be another indication that you have a ghostly visitor. 

Keeping an Eye on Your Dog's Reactions:

  • Monitor the temperature in the room.
  • See whether you feel anything strange in that same area.
  • Identify whether it happens in a particular area or room.
  • Check if this happens at certain times of the day or night.
  • See if your dog acts strangely when at home.