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Can Dogs Sense Paranormal Activity?



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Can Dogs Sense Paranormal Activity?


The thought of paranormal activity going on in our own homes is naturally a daunting and frightening one for most people. However, even for those that believe in this type of activity, actually detecting it is extremely difficult. As we have all seen in movies and on TV, when paranormal investigations are carried out, a variety of high-tech equipment is used to try and pick up on whether or not there is anything going on. 

However, perhaps the only thing that these investigators would need is a dog or cat, because our pets are actually very adept at picking up on paranormal activity.


Signs Your Dog May Sense Paranormal Activity

Many dog owners think that their pets have a sixth sense because they are able to pick up on this type of activity. However, it is important to remember that dogs have an excellent sense of smell and can hear sounds at frequencies that we cannot. Therefore, the senses of a dog are more likely to explain their ability to pick up paranormal activity as opposed to them having a sixth sense. 

Many dog owners have reported the reactions of their dogs and cats when there has been paranormal activity. It can be quite a sight to see your pooch suddenly start reacting to something that isn’t there, but the fact that you cannot see it doesn’t mean they cannot sense it. 

Some of the signs that your dog may display when there is paranormal activity going on include the hair on the back of the neck becoming raised, watching or following something around that isn’t there, running around in circles (sometimes backwards!), whining and hiding away, going up to something or staring up at something that you cannot see, growling, barking, or snarling. 

Dogs are also very adept at determining whether something or someone is good or bad, so their reactions may also be based on whether they feel the entity they can sense is good or bad. 

When it comes to body language, this can vary based on many things such as the personality of your dog and whether it feels threatened or not by the paranormal activity or entity. Some dogs may become fearful and aggressive, which could include signs such as raised hair on the neck, exposed teeth, and growling. 

Fearful dogs may whine, hide, or look obviously distressed. However, some dogs are more curious and may look alert, following what they sense around, barking, but not aggressively, and even wagging their tails at something that you cannot see. This will all depend on the dog and what it senses.

Body Language

Signs to watch for if you think your dog may sense something supernatural include:

  • Growling
  • Staring
  • Alert
  • Wag Tail
  • Back Hair On Edge
  • Tail Tucking
  • Exposed Teeth

Other Signs

<p>More things to watch for are:</p>

  • Reluctance To Go Into A Particular Room
  • Hiding
  • Paw Tapping

History of Dogs Sensing Paranormal Activity


Throughout history, we have seen examples and movies of dogs being able to sense paranormal activity. Many of the modern day movies we see have shown dogs sensing something that the humans in the house cannot see – all they do is wonder why the dog is behaving so strangely.

However, the use of pooches in these movies is based on actual truth, as experts have seen dogs behave in this way and so have dog owners. Often, dog owners have no idea why their dogs are behaving in that manner and just put it down to an off day or some other problem. This is because they are unable to sense the activity or entity so all they see is their dog running around doing strange things to something that is not there.

Of course, it is impossible to say whether dogs are actually able to see spirits and paranormal entities or whether they can just sense them. As we know, a dog's sight and hearing, as well as its sense of smell and ability to sense things, is far superior to our own, so it could be that the dog is able to smell and hear something, or it could be that it can even see something. 

Science of Dogs Sensing Paranormal Activity


Many dog owners do believe that their dogs have a sixth sense and this is why they act strangely in some situations. Most experts believe that it is actually down to the sense of smell, excellent hearing, sight, and heightened existing senses of dogs rather than a sixth sense. 

There is no doubt from some of the things most of us have seen, heard, or even experienced, that animals are able to pick up on paranormal activity. They do not need the high-tech equipment and devices that humans need in order to hone in on this type of strange activity. 

Finding Out if Your Dog can Sense Paranormal Activity


So, would you like to find out whether your pooch has this innate sense to sniff out the paranormal? Well, if your home has ever been subjected to paranormal activity, you probably have already experienced it but simply don’t know it. 

Do you ever catch your dog looking at something really alertly and when you look, there is nothing there? Do you see it following something around or sniffing the air or floors as it walks along? Does it go round in circles, bark at the air, whine, or become aggressive or fearful for no reason? If so, these could be signs that your dog is sensing paranormal activity.

Of course, one thing you could do is take your dog along to somewhere that is supposed to be haunted or subject to paranormal activity and see how it acts. There are plenty of places that are reportedly haunted, so finding one that is within reach of where you live shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

Naturally, finding an outside location that is meant to be haunted is the best option, as many indoor haunted places may not allow dogs – and dogs may not be keen to go in there anyway! As an experiment, it may be very interesting for you to take your dog along to one of these places and see whether there is any change in the way in which it acts compared to its normal behavior.

If you do notice your dog showing signs of something going on in your own home, there are plenty of experts and psychics that you can call in to actually take a look around and see if there is anything wrong. Plenty of people do not believe in these psychics, but many others do, and there is plenty of evidence of them being totally accurate in the past. 

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Published: 06/10/2018, edited: 04/06/2020

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