Can Dogs Smell Human Ovulation?

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A dog is able to tell when you are happy, sad, or angry. They can pick up on human feelings and emotions. It would not be surprising if your dog understood you better than those who are close to you. This unconditional love that your dog has also links to the fact that they are aware of your needs and desires. 

So, is it that dogs are naturally perceptive, or is there something else that is helping them? As humans, we are controlled by our hormones and these can affect our mood. This also applies for females during ovulation. We will take a look at whether dogs are able to smell human ovulation, as there are hormonal changes during this period.

Introduction of Can Dogs Smell Human Ovulation?

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Signs Dogs Can Smell Human Ovulation

These days, dogs are being trained for detection in medical circumstances, and therefore, they will be able to sense a medical emergency before it occurs. We are aware of how important a dog’s nose is and how their sense of smell may be an asset when it comes to medical care.

Take, for example, that a dog is able to pick up on narcolepsy, allergic reactions, changes in a person’s blood sugar level, and if someone is about have an epileptic seizure. A dog is able to sense when someone is ovulating, as they can detect hormonal changes that occur in humans. There are signs that a dog will show such as tilting their head and lifting their nose if they sense a noise or a scent in the air. If the scent is something that they are not familiar with, then you may see that their tail is high up in the air and it is not wagging.

When we feel a particular way, such as being upset, angry, or fearful, we release hormones such as adrenaline, and therefore, it is not surprising that a dog is able to pick up on any scents that we produce through our hormones. It is always worth being aware of any behavior from your dog that is out of the ordinary, such as acting distressed when smelling something that is not familiar. Also, if you find that your dog seems stressed, tense, or more vocal, something may not be quite right.

Body Language

Signs that your dog smells ovulation include:
  • Whining
  • Sniffing
  • Raise ears

Other Signs

More clues your dog will give if they can tell you are ovulating are:
  • Increased attentiveness
  • Extra crotch sniffing
  • Snuggling up to you
  • Avoiding you

History Behind Dogs Smelling Human Ovulation

History of Can Dogs Smell Human Ovulation?

As dogs have become more domesticated, they have become a part of our family life. As we have built these relationships with our pet dogs, dogs have become more aware of any changes that occur in humans. Dogs are perceptive and are able to pick up on what is happening around them. They are able to read our body language, expressions, and our routines.

Every time we ovulate, we experience hormonal changes that can affect us physically, the way we behave, and how we feel, so dogs have become adapt at telling when that is, but is there any science behind it?

Science Behind Dogs Smelling Human Ovulation

Science of Can Dogs Smell Human Ovulation?

A female’s menstrual cycle consists of different phases, all of which produce various levels of hormones (estrogen and progesterone). One of these phases is ovulation, whereby an egg is released at a particular time of the month. This is usually halfway through a monthly cycle, or, typically, fourteen days after a period. The egg is released when estrogen and progesterone levels rise, and this is what enables the egg to be released. Once an egg has been released, estrogen and progesterone levels continue to rise until they plateau out, unless the egg becomes fertilized.

Aside from these hormonal changes, females will also have physical and behavioral changes that dogs may be able to pick up on too. Ovulation also affects the mood, and females can experience anxiety, sadness, anger, irritability, rage, nervousness, depression, and humor, all of which dogs are able to detect.

Vets and scientists are aware of the fact that dogs can pick up on hormonal changes that take place in a human, and these occur during ovulation, as they are very astute when it comes to human hormones and behavioral changes. A dog is capable of picking up when our behavior changes, and this can be directly linked to ovulation as we have a change in hormones during this period. Therefore, they will then be aware of when we are ovulating. It is believed that the fact that dogs react to hormonal changes and human scents is not something that is strange.

We know that dogs are able to detect cancer in humans; what we do not know is exactly which chemicals cancers give off that dogs can smell. We still have a lot to learn when it comes to working out exactly what dogs can smell about humans. Even though we have a lot to learn, we do know for sure that dogs do have a superpower when it comes to sniffing things out such as hormonal changes during ovulation, as dogs are able to pick up on any hormonal changes that occur when someone is ovulating.

Training Dogs to Smell Human Ovulation

Training of Can Dogs Smell Human Ovulation?

It is not an easy task to train a dog to sense ovulation, which basically means training a dog to sense hormonal changes. It is certainly not something that could be done at home, as even scientists are not fully aware of how a dog’s sense of smell works.

Before you do anything, you need to make sure that your dog is focused and calm when under pressure. If training your dog to detect hormonal changes is something that you are adamant about, then you may need to locate an animal behavioral group or a research organization. 

When it comes to training dogs for scent detection at a higher level, there is a great deal involved including reward systems, organic compounds, and ethical guidelines and standards. A dog needs to be trained to be able to pick up specific hormones/chemical changes. This requires endurance, willpower, and time to ensure that your dog is able to pick up on such hormonal changes.

How to React to Your Dog Sensing You are Ovulating:

  • Take your dog's strange behavior as a sign you may be fertile.
  • Reward your dog for trying to comfort you during this time.