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Washington, Petworth Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 1
Hey! My name is Andrew and I have been living in the metro area for a couple years now. I love animals, especially dogs. I grew up with several labs and later two vizslas and a beagle. I have been pet sitting and dog walking for friends and family for over 3 years and really love doing it and taking care of the dogs! I have a lot of dog knowledge and have worked with trainers in the past and also have experience with a variety of dog breeds from Chihuahuas too pit bulls. Can't wait to hear from you!
Washington, Brightwood Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 2
Hello, I'm Lissette Amparo. My love for pets is what has sparked me to enter the wonderful world of dog walking/pet sitting. I grew up with dogs my entire life. I have previous experience pet sitting my friends dog Snoopie; whenever my friend goes on vacation. I'm capable of providing services for your pet by request. I enjoy: play time, trips to the dog park, doggie dates and multiple potty breaks(if necessary). Not only do I enjoy taking care of animals, but I love showing them love too. I look forward to meeting you and your dog!
North Rosslyn
Arlington, North Rosslyn Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 3
Hi, I'm Michael! I grew up in Atlanta with a miniature schnauzer named Toby. I started dog walking and pet-sitting around my neighborhood when I was 8 years old and still love it to this day! I have experience with dogs of all sizes and ages, from a 3-week old Boston terrier puppy to a full-grown, fluffy Bernese mountain dog! I love meeting new dogs and learning about their unique personalities and playful attitudes, knowing that each one has specific needs. I am an avid tennis player and would love to keep your pet healthy, fit, and above all, happy! I will treat your dog with love and care and I will make sure that your Wag! experience is as positive as possible!
Lyon Park
Arlington, Lyon Park Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 4
Hello! I grew up in Chicago with 2 dogs and have experience with dog walking and pet sitting throughout college and graduate school. I'm a super compassionate animal lover that truly appreciates the unique personality of each and every dog that I meet. I currently live with my cat, Minu, but I am counting down the days until I can bring home a canine brother/sister for Minu!
Washington, Tenleytown Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 5
Hello! My name is Nicole and I'm a local political science student with a background in dog walking and sitting in the Dallas and DC areas. I absolutely love dogs and have been in serious puppy withdrawal since I moved here. Help me feed my love of dogs without breaking my lease agreement by letting me take excellent care of yours!
Washington, Petworth Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 6
Hi! I'm Stefanie and I'm an all around pet lover, but especially partial to the canine family! I first discovered dog walking seven years ago while trying to combine a hobby with my health. What I uncovered was not a world with many humans or spoken words, but indescribable bonds with dogs who had personalities like the colors of the rainbow. I'm genuinely excited to meet your pup and hopefully they will grow to like me and look forward to our walks together come rain or shine.
Columbia Heights
Washington, Columbia Heights Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 7
Hi Wag! customers! I am a current law student who loves dogs and being outdoors. I have been petsitting and dog walking since I was younger. I currently own a poodle mix who is the love of my life! I will give lots of love and care to your pup on our walks. Your furry friend is in good hands with me!
Lyon Park
Arlington, Lyon Park Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 8
Hi! I'm Kimberly and I've been a dog walker/sitter for 10 years. I love all dogs but grew up with German Shepherds and Basset Hounds, and while my apartment doesn't allow dogs I have a cat I turned into a dog :) I currently volunteer with Lost Dog Rescue to help all types of dogs find their forever homes. I'm a runner and a yogi, and an accountant by trade. I'm excited to meet your dog and treat them with the love all dogs deserve.
Dupont Circle
Washington, Dupont Circle Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 9
Hey! My name is Brett. I'm from the great state of Washington, and I love dogs! I'm currently an MD/MPH student in town. I love med school, but deciding between vet and med school was a really hard. I love working with animals so much! In college, I worked at a vet clinic taking care of sick dogs and cats. I even spent time working abroad taking care of stray dogs in Belize! Unfortunately, I'm thousands of miles away from my little puppy, Charlie, because he couldn't come to school with me. Since I can't spend time with my best friend, I hope to meet yours!
Clifton Park Village
Silver Spring, Clifton Park Village Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 10
My names Jennifer and I love animals! Dog walking during my free time is always fun! I am a vet assistant, used to work at the SPCA and I used to be a dog walker/sitter too. I am friendly and patient, and very prepared for any size or temperament dogs may have! I can't wait to meet you and your dog!
Cathedral Heights
Washington, Cathedral Heights Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 11
Hi! My name is Christine. I am 24, work in politics, currently live in Washington, DC, and, of course, I love dogs. I have grown up with dogs my entire life with dogs -- as a child with a German Shepard (my entire extended family has German Shepards as well!), to dog sitting for my neighbors Siberian Husky and my sisters Yorkshire Terrier, and having Jack Russell's running around the house since I was 14. Wanted to be a vet growing up, so I used to volunteer at my local humane society -- I did not end up becoming a vet because really I wanted to play with and walk animals all day (which is not what vets do). Now, I am continuing my love and support of animals by actually being able to walk them around all day. I cannot wait to meet your best friend!
Washington, Fairlawn Dog Walker and Dog Sitter 12
Hi I'm Kate, I've always loved animals. I haven't owned a dog myself, but I have spent plenty of time around dogs. My roommate in college had a great dog that we both took care of and I have dog sat and walked on multiple occasions for friends prior to this job. I've never met a dog that I didn't like so I can't wait to meet your dog!

Wag! Washington DC Dog Walkers and Dog Sitters Give You the Flexibility to Live On The Go!

Finding a dog walker, or dog sitter in Washington DC can be hard, especially at times you need them most, like when you're at work, stuck in traffic, or want to take a much deserved last minute vacation. Wag! makes living on the go possible for busy dog owners like you by connecting you with reliable and trustworthy dog lovers with pet care experience living in your local community you can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog boarding, or dog sitting. Wag! is like having a dog loving neighbor in Washington DC at your beck and call to look after your dog whenever you need!

Dog owners regularly using Wag! dog walkers and dog sitters in Washington DC have left over2596 reviews, giving our certfied pet care professionals an impressive average customer rating of 4.94/5 stars!

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