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Freshpet Fresh from the Kitchen Chicken Dog Food: What You Need to Know


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Freshpet is one of the most "pawpular" dog brands on the market right now. In recent years, you may have seen this brand in the refrigerated pet food section of your favorite supermarket or pet store. So what's the deal with this brand? Does it live up to the hype? Is Freshpet right for your dog? We'll discuss this and everything else you need to know about Freshpet Fresh from the Kitchen Chicken dog food.


According to the Freshpet website, this pet food company prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients, which are shipped to Freshpet's facilities daily. Its recipes are processed at low temps to maintain the nutrient profile of the ingredients. Freshpet's food meets (and exceeds in some aspects) the FDA and USDA standards for human-grade food.

While we're sure your dog won't be upset about having fresh food, Freshpet has a shorter shelf-life, which means pet parents must purchase food more often. The vacuum-packed food must be refrigerated and keeps for about a week after opening.


Freshpet dog food comes in 1.75-pound and 4.5-pound bags and ranges from $9 to $20, depending on the bag size and retailer. Though Freshpet is more expensive by weight than high-end kibbles, the price point is on par with other fresh-style dog foods.


Due to its high moisture content and soft consistency, Freshpet is suitable for dogs with baby teeth or fragile chompers. That being said, moist food can cause cavities and plaque build-up on adult teeth, so make sure you brush your dog's teeth regularly. This line of fresh pet food is for adolescent and adult dogs, so you might want to choose Freshpet's vital or puppy lines for a younger dog.


Freshpet Fresh from the Kitchen Chicken food does contain larger morsels, so you may need to chop it up for smaller breeds. You may find Freshpet's small dog formulas more suitable since they have smaller, bite-sized pieces. 

Since this brand contains oats, you should use it with caution in grain allergy-prone breeds like Labrador Retrievers, West Highland Terriers, and Cocker Spaniels. Symptoms of a grain allergy include scratching, chewing of the skin, paw irritation, tummy upset, excessive shedding, rash, and ear infections. If you suspect your pet is reacting to a new food, consult your vet. (Or chat with a vet now for quick answers to your questions about your pup's diet.)


Freshpet Fresh from the Kitchen Chicken Dog Food contains a blend of meat, berries, veggies, and grains, including chicken, cranberries, carrots, pea protein, pea fiber, oats, and spinach. The food also contains natural flavoring agents, vinegar, seaweed extract, cassia gum, salt, and potassium chloride. Some of these ingredients may sound unfamiliar but are all derived from natural sources. 

Freshpet uses natural extracts of iodine-rich kelp rather than the manufactured stuff. In case you were wondering, cassia gum is a paste made from the interior of the java bean or sicklepod that helps maintain the consistency of food emulsions.


Freshpet food for dogs is accredited by ConsumerAffairs and ranks highly in ratings against other pet food brands. Customers praise this brand as tasty enough for picky eaters and an effective solution for weight loss


. Other reviews state their dogs have healthier coats and more energy when eating Freshpet. 

While most of the reviews are "pawsitive", some customers claim this brand was tough on their dog's tummy. It's worth mentioning that any change in dog food can cause mild stomach upset, especially when the dog has been on one brand for an extended period.  

Are you considering other brands of dog food for your fur-baby? Check out our guide on introducing new foods to dogs.

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