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Wag! Walkers know Fair Acres

Fair Acres is a residential neighborhood located in northwest Yuma, Arizona. Avenue C runs alongside the west side of the community and has several commercial establishments including a pet grooming business located there. Just northwest of the community, there is a commercial area and an elementary school with several restaurants and shops all within easy walking distance. 

Yuma’s climate is extreme with hot, dry, sunny weather most of the year. It is rare to encounter rain or cold temperatures, even in winter. While spring, autumn, and winter are comfortable for walking, summer months can be extremely hot and dry, making walking in the heat of the day undesirable. Pavement becomes very hot in the sun and can damage your dog's paw pads while heat-related illnesses like sunstroke or heat stroke are a real possibility. Planning your activities with your pup for earlier or later in the day is advised during hot summer months.

What is the terrain like in Fair Acres?

Fair Acres is a residential neighborhood with varied structures. There are some mobile homes, single-family homes, and even an apartment complex on the northwest side. Avenue C runs along the west side of the community and is a busy thoroughfare with lots of traffic. This main avenue has a sidewalk allowing safe access to the commercial areas to the north and designated crossing points for pedestrians needing to cross. The residential area of Fair Acres does not have sidewalks and dog owners need to share the roadways with local vehicles. Keep your dog securely leashed when sharing the road with traffic. 

There is a canal and natural areas associated with the canal to the east of the community. The terrain in the region is flat and there are no hills to climb on hikes. There's some undeveloped land in and around Fair Acres where hazards can be present, so exercise caution.

How many greenways are there in Fair Acres?

West Wetlands Park is located a 10-minute drive park to the north. This natural and recreational area is 110 acres with lots of room to walk and play with your pooch. There are multi-use trails in where you can stroll with your dog on a leash. Remember to keep an eye out for other users like skaters, equestrians, joggers, and cyclists.  Boating and fishing are popular pastimes at the pond and watch out for fishing lines and hooks along the river when walking your pooch. This park also provides wildlife habitats for local critters and birds, including a hummingbird and butterfly garden. Prevent your dog from frightening local wildlife, some of which can be dangerous to your pup. Other activities in the park include picnics, disc golf, geocaching, photographs, and bird watching, which provide plenty to see when taking your dog for a romp along a greenway in the park.

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