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Wag! Walker Application

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A Perfect Fit for Dog Lovers!

A great way for animal lovers and pet care professionals to earn income doing something they truly enjoy is to become a dog walker with Wag! If you’re over 18 years old, own a smartphone and prefer an active lifestyle to being chained to a desk, then becoming a dog walker with Wag! might be the right fit for you!

Do You?

  • Own an iPhone 5 or newer, or Android 4.2 or newer?
  • Prefer working outside?
  • Enjoy bonding with dogs?
  • Like being greeted with excitement everyday?

Watch a Video to Learn More

Wag Dog Walker Video

Are You?

  • Physically fit to walk several hours a day and handle dogs of all sizes?
  • Familiar with basic training commands?
  • Committed to providing quality care to animals?
  • Friendly and outgoing?

Wag! is currently accepting dog walker applicants in the following cities/areas:

  • · Albuquerque, NM
  • · Arlington, VA
  • · Atlanta, GA
  • · Austin, TX
  • · Bakersfield, CA
  • · Baltimore, MD
  • · Berkeley, CA
  • · Boston, MA
  • · Charlotte, NC
  • · Chicago, IL
  • · Colorado Springs, CO
  • · Columbus, OH
  • · Dallas, TX
  • · Denver, CO
  • · El Paso, TX
  • · Fort Worth, TX
  • · Honolulu, HI
  • · Houston, TX
  • · Indianapolis, IN
  • · Jacksonville, FL
  • · Kansas City, MO
  • · Las Vegas, NV
  • · Los Angeles, CA
  • · Louisville, KY
  • · Madison, WI
  • · Memphis, TN
  • · Mesa, AZ
  • · Miami, FL
  • · Milwaukee, WI
  • · Minneapolis, MN
  • · Nashville, TN
  • · New Orleans, LA
  • · New York, NY
  • · Oakland, CA
  • · Oklahoma City, OK
  • · Omaha, NE
  • · Orange County, CA
  • · Philadelphia, PA
  • · Phoenix, AZ
  • · Pittsburgh, PA
  • · Portland, OR
  • · Providence, RI
  • · Raleigh, NC
  • · Sacramento, CA
  • · San Antonio, TX
  • · San Diego, CA
  • · San Francisco, CA
  • · San Jose, CA
  • · Seattle, WA
  • · St Louis, MO
  • · Tampa, FL
  • · Tucson, AZ
  • · Tulsa, OK
  • · Virginia Beach, VA
  • · Washington D.C.
  • · Wichita, KS

How to Become a Dog Walker with Wag!

Dog walking with Wag! is a great way to earn income, especially if you love spending time with dogs. However, taking care of someone else’s pet is a big responsibility, which we, and the dog owners in our community take very seriously. Therefore, every applicant must go through a thorough vetting process in order to be invited to become a Wag! Vetted dog walker.

Prior Dog Experience

Pencil Icon
Tell us about your previous experience with dogs and why you think you’d be a great dog walker. You’ll also be quizzed on general dog care and safety.

Collar & Harness Test

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As a dog walker, you’ll encounter many different types of collars and harnesses, therefore you’ll be tested on how to properly secure each to a dog.

Situational Assessment

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Dogs can be unpredictable at times and put dog walkers in situations that require the right finesse to safely manage. You will be assessed on how you would handle these scenarios.

Dog Walker FAQs

How long is the application process?

The full process takes about 1-2 weeks depending on scheduling, weather, etc.

Can I really work whenever I want?

Yes, you can really work whenever you want. You have the choice to accept/deny walk requests as they come to you.

How much will I make as a Wag! dog walker?

Wag! dog walkers can earn up to $25/hr!

What Does it Take to Walk with Wag!?

We look for the right set of characteristics to become a dog walker with Wag!, including experience, passion and trust. These are the top 3 we consider. Overall, show us you're the type of person who shows up on time, can follow instructions, takes accountability, can connect with and establish rapport with others, and communicates well!


Previous pet care experience is a big plus for becoming a Wag! dog walker. Many of our current dog walkers are, or have been, registered veterinary technicians, shelter volunteers, foster parents, dog groomers, dog trainers, or have run their own dog walking business. We also evaluate your level of personal dog walking experience through our application process, interviews and hands-on test.


Demonstrating passion and commitment to quality animal care is a huge consideration to become a dog walker with Wag! Wag! walkers believe that ALL pets are furry family members and look forward to each and every walk they do. They're authentically passionate about contributing towards a dog’s happiness and being the highlight to all their four legged friends' day!


Trust is a critical characteristic to become a dog walker with Wag! If you've ever had to rely on someone else to eat, relieve yourself, and make you happy, then you know what it's like to be a dog! Likewise, if you've put the health and well being of a loved one in someone else's hands, you know what it's like to be a dog owner. As a Wag! dog walker you will be entrusted to enter homes of dog owners to pick up and drop off dogs for daily walks, and read the notes from the owner regarding health issues, triggers and preferences to help you properly and safely care for their pets.

Why Become a Wag! Dog Walker?

Our walkers have a lot of reasons why dog walking with Wag! was the right fit for them. Here are a few experiences from our walkers around the country.


New York
I've been working with Wag! since June of 2015. It has by far been the most liberating, enjoyable and most stress free gig I've ever had. You have the freedom to stroll through the park, roam around the city, and if you're lucky, walk on the west side highway enjoying the water and the scenery while walking a cutie-pie who's enjoying the view just as much as you. I fell in love with the fact that you set your own schedule and you have the option of walking the same dog at a set time everyday, or remain standby and work when you can. Wag! is the epitome of flexibility. As a student, this is a dream way to earn money. Having an excited pup run to you when you walk through the door takes your stresses away and truly makes you realize if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.


Los Angeles
I have been a Wag! walker for just about a month now, and I absolutely love it! I first wanted to become a Wag! walker because I wanted to earn some extra income, but I also have an immense love for dogs. I honestly had no idea I was going to love it so much. What I like so much about it is that the walks give me a huge breath of fresh air. If I am ever in a down mood, when I head to a walk I am lifted up so quickly once the walk has started. It is almost like going to your happy place, but it is by far the easiest happy place to go to. I highly recommend becoming a Wag! walker if your love for animals is just as big as mine. The dogs are great, adorable, and friendly. I don't think anyone regrets becoming a walker! I know I sure don't!


I have been a Wag! walker since they introduced the concept here in the Emerald City and it has been months of awesome pup personalities and lots of fabulous exercise ever since! I decided to embrace this opportunity because I like my office to be without walls, and I liked the idea of creating my own schedule while helping other folks out with theirs. I am absolutely head over heels that I followed this path because I am wild about critters, and earning income while I spend moments with some of the most wonderful canines I have ever met. This isn't just about money for me, it's about community. People care dearly about their pets, and it's important to them to make sure their well being is top priority. I am honored to have their trust and take it very seriously. It has allowed me to make positive new relationships with people I might never have met otherwise.


I have been a dog walker with Wag! for about five months now! I decided to join Wag! because I have an immense love for dogs. I figured being a dog walker would be the perfect gig for someone like me. I was right. I have completed over 140 walks with Wag! in Chicago. Wag! is honestly a dream, and I can't believe I actually have such an amazing and fulfilling way to make money. I would recommend walking with Wag! to anybody. I don't see how anybody could dislike making money by walking and playing with dogs. Walking with Wag! makes my life so much more fun and happier, and I would recommend it to literally everyone.


New York
For the last 5 months I have been walking dogs with Wag! as a Wag! Walker. I considered dog walking and did a quick Google search. Wag! came up at the top of the list and was heralded as an instant, modern connection for walkers, owners, and of course the dogs! It seemed like a dream come true. I never thought I would be able to get a position like this at all. As a musician, and freelance audio engineer, it’s important to be able to make up my own schedule, as well as keep consistent cash-flow coming in. Wag! helped me hit all of those marks, and then some. The occasional bonus and referral fees keeps me motivated as well. I immensely enjoy being a Wag! Walker.


San Francisco
I've been a Wag! walker for five months now and absolutely love it. I wanted to work on my own time but do something I truly love as well, and there's nothing better than working with dogs. The fact that I get to explore the beautiful city I live in while playing with cute pups makes it feel less like a way to earn money and more like a hobby. I recommend becoming a Wag! walker because it really provides an opportunity to explore the area you live in, make connections, and hangout with cute dogs while getting in some exercise. I'm so glad I chose to become a Wag! walker and look forward to my walks everyday.