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Wag! Walkers know Hacienda Estates

Hacienda Estates in Yuma is a centrally located residential neighborhood near several large shopping areas. Many services are also available in the neighborhood with several schools, a county library and two medical centers all in the vicinity. Nearby schools have large playing fields, providing recreational space, and the canal running to the east features a walking trail along the eastern side, as well as a large park that welcomes dogs and has recreational and picnic facilities. 

The weather in Yuma is arid, that is, very hot and very dry. As a result, walking in the heat of the day on most days can be uncomfortable, and you may want to choose to take excursions early or later in the day when it's cooler. There is little rain in the area so you can expect sunshine almost year around and dispense with the raincoat and umbrella! Just be aware that extreme heat can be dangerous for walking; adjust your schedule and outdoor wear accordingly. Dress cool, protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a hat, and bring water for you and your four-legged companion.

What is the terrain like in Hacienda Estates?

This well-established neighborhood features more traditional landscaping then some newer areas in Yuma.  There are some lawns and mature trees providing shade, however, desert landscaping and plants are also common. Most of the neighborhood features sidewalks to keep pedestrians separated from local traffic. Remember that pavement can be hot in Yuma at the height of the day, so bring foot protection for you and your dog if your route entails walking on hot pavement. The terrain is paved and flat in the Hacienda Estates neighborhood, and nearby walking trails along the east side of the canal are also paved.  The canal to the east features some undeveloped rougher terrain in the area on the west side and along the paved trails to the east. There are also recreational sports fields in local schoolyards. Be aware of regulations regarding access by dogs along the canal and on sports fields at nearby schools.

How many greenways are there in Hacienda Estates?

The Hacienda Estates community has more lawns and mature trees then many Yuma areas, however in this desert town much of the landscaping is desert-friendly, with rocks, features, and desert plants, like wild grasses and cactus. Nearby schools feature playing fields that provide large open recreational expanses. Check availability and accessibility by pets as they are not available during school hours or when being used by local sports teams. The canal to the east has undeveloped land and a paved trail along the eastern border. From Hacienda Estates, this trail system needs to be accessed by one of the major arteries, however, the trail extends for miles to the north and south along the canal, through many parks and undeveloped greenways, and provides an excellent walking opportunity for you and your dog. Nearby Ray Smucker Park to the east provides 15 acres of parkland with a trail, playground equipment, picnic areas, ramadas providing shade, and bathroom facilities. Dogs are welcome and facilities to clean up after your dog are provided.

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