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Why Do American English Coonhounds Act Rowdy



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Why Do American English Coonhounds Act Rowdy




The name American English Coon Hound has a rowdy ring to it and so this dog probably feels a need to live up to its mixed cultural and hound hunting name. The American English Coon Hound, along with other varieties of Coon Hound, is an athletic dog. His origins lie with the Fox Hound and he has been bred to hunt raccoons, bears, and cougars. He is easily excited about hunting and has a nose that will lead him on the trail of a raccoon and other small animals. The American English Coon Hound has an interesting character trait and that is he chases his prey up into trees and holds them there while he bays for the hunter. This amazing hunting dog can go after his prey night or day and is often used for night hunting. He has a loud voice that bays out and leads the hunter towards the target. The American English Coon Hound holds the hunter's prey animal at bay. He will sit or jump enthusiastically under the tree that the animal has climbed up to escape the Coon Hound hunting dog. 

The Root of the Behavior

The American English Coon Hound is full of energy and really needs to be outdoors and active. He is a muscular and determined hunter but reputed to be a stubborn dog of the hound breed, he can be difficult to train. The American English Coon Hound is not a good choice for a first-time dog owner, because he needs an experienced handler. The American English Coon Hound was originally bred to be a high energy dog that would hunt foxes by day and raccoons by night. There is no limit to the energy this breed has and as soon as he gets a whiff of a hunt he is ready to go. He stands at about 26” at his shoulder and is a deep-chested dog who is prepared to run the extra mile or two. The American English Coon Hound has a big voice and when he has trapped his prey in the tree, the excited Coon Hound stands his ground. He bays for the rest of the hunting group to come and join the party. 

Rowdy? Yes, he must keep the raccoon firmly placed in the tree. This skill is known as ‘treeing’ and the Coon Hound can even ‘tree’ a cougar or a bear if need be. Despite his ability to corner raccoons and other tree climbers, the American English Coon Hound is a friendly dog. He is an excellent watchdog and will alert the family, with his big voice, of any intruder. However, he is too sociable to be a guard dog. He enjoys being in a pack and is good with other dogs. The more the merrier for the Coon Hound. These hound dogs are competitive outdoor dogs and make great running and hiking companions. They have a gentle eye and friendly look but are always ready for action. An American English Coon Hound may appear to be sleeping and laid back in the sun, but he is very aware of any opportunity to get active. He will be up and running the moment he can see you are about to do something exciting. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

The American English Coon Hound is game for a variety of activities. He loves water races, field trials, and night hunting. Your American English Coon Hund will just love you for any racy fast-moving activity. He is well equipped for these activities with his strong, racy body and deep chest. He has a strong back, good lungs, and is a balanced powerful dog. Your American English Coon Hound is a loyal friendly member of your pack and so very eager to please. He is full of bounce and loves to romp and jump, especially when he is a puppy. The American English Coon Hound needs lots of space and an experienced handler who will be willing to provide the physical stimulation this dog needs. 

One of the characteristics of the Coon Hound is his very loud bark or bawl that stands out from other dogs. Alert and always watchful, he can sound the alarm at home or on the hunt. The very loud sound of his bark is sufficient to keep the raccoon firmly in its place up a tree. Raccoons are clever too and can run, swim, and climb and the Coon Hound needs to be able to follow that trail until he can hold the raccoon safely in a tree. What an exciting life for the American English Coon Hound. Trying to outsmart and outwit the schemes of the racoon. It must feel like playing ‘cops and robbers’ to the Coon Hound, as he chases after the racoon, the masked bandit.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The American English Coon Hound is not suited to apartment living. The frustration of not being able to live his normal active rowdy life will lead him to become bored and destructive. If you take this dog out for a walk, you will need to secure him on a leash as he will go off on his own mission if there is an opportunity. His loud voice will not impress the neighbors. The Coon Hound likes to be able to celebrate in wide open spaces and make his voice heard when he has treed his prey. The American English Coon Hound’s voice is loud and can be heard up to a mile away. You can train him to bark less, but his loud voice will always be LOUD! The American English Coon Hound is ranked in the top twelve most talkative dogs. 


The American English Coon Hound, with his loud voice and love of the great outdoors, would probably have enjoyed an opportunity to sing along with Elvis Presley and join in the well-known song ‘You ain’t nothing but a Hound Dog.’ The hound dog role was given to a Basset Hound when Elvis made the song famous. The Hound Dog song brought rowdy 'appaws' for hound dog and singer, so with one for the money and two for the show the American English Coon hound would be ready to - Go, go, go!

By a Rhodesian Ridgeback lover Christina Wither

Published: 04/26/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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