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Why Do Boston Terriers Burrow Under The Covers



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Why Do Boston Terriers Burrow Under The Covers




Snuggling and cuddling are perfect behaviors for the Boston Terrier. If you have a Boston and he wants to burrow under your covers, he is practicing a natural behavior and at the same time getting up close and personal with you. The Boston Terrier, as one of the terrier family, loves to burrow and get into a den. The perfect den is right there in your bed. If your bed is not an option, then the covers of any snuggly space that is available will do. The Boston Terrier is comfortable and secure in a small space that feels like a den. His instinctive burrowing behavior tells him that he feels safe and secure in a small protected place. Going under the covers plays into his instincts to burrow and then nestle into the small, warm den he has made. Boston Terriers enjoy the security of a crate and it is worth crate training early on to have the crate as a warm den option for the Boston in your home.

The Root of the Behavior

The Terrier breed is a natural born digger and loves to tunnel and crawl into small spaces. The covers on a bed offer this kind of experience. Warm bed covers that smell of their owners are just the perfect burrowing spot. There are several recorded reasons for burrowing. Instinct is the first and Terriers are instinctive diggers. They may have buried a bone or favorite toy so watch out for those treats under your covers! Then there is the need for security. Stress or abnormal activity and noise may cause the Boston to become fearful and want to hide under the covers. Comfort, bonding, and belonging to you are also important factors. Boston Terriers love to be close to their family members. Another consideration is the weather. Boston Terriers like to get warm and snuggle under the covers. They do not do well in extreme temperatures. The Boston Terrier, like other breeds with short noses, struggle in very hot or very cold climatic situations. Keeping a careful watch on temperature changes is vital to the well-being of the Boston Terrier. 

The Boston Terrier may suffer from Brachycephalic syndrome, which is common to dog breeds with short heads, narrowed nostrils, and elongated soft palates. They are more susceptible to heatstroke and regulating their body temperature is important. Boston Terriers are reputed to be one of the best, most friendly, family orientated dogs. They just love being with people. The Boston Terrier is playful and good with children. He does not need a lot of space and mountains of exercise but will enjoy coming out with the family or going for a walk to show off how cute he is. The Boston is very popular in America and has been nicknamed the ‘American Gentleman’ due to his smart black and white tuxedo coat. He loves to share his relaxing time, when he is not having to act like a gentleman by burrowing under the covers. This is where he feels safe and secure and extra close to you. It is a den for him filled with all the comforts he enjoys. The den is this breed's most precious place. Don't use harsh words, Bostons don’t like to feel you are angry, they will just have to bury further under the covers! 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Boston Terriers are not lap dogs, but they show lots of affection towards the people that are their family. They are very portable and love outings as well as being at home. The truth is, they love being anywhere with their owners. Burrowing under the covers is their way of getting into the heart of the family den. The warm bed with its covers and blankets is the place that he sees to be the center of the home, where the pack leader sleeps. The covers represent a resource that is important to the Boston Terrier along with his food, shelter, and companionship. 

However, if you think that the burrowing under the covers is becoming obsessive then there could be another underlying problem. Separation anxiety may be at the root of the obsessive desire to hide away under the covers. Seek the advice of a behaviorist to be sure that the burrowing is still within the normal behavior range of the Boston Terrier. The Boston should be a fun loving, sociable dog. Ways to encourage this behavior may be necessary to balance the desire to hide away with the need to be sociable too. The Boston Terrier is very sensitive to your mood and your feelings. If you are having a ‘down day’ your Boston terrier will want to dive under the covers to keep you company and offer some comfort too.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The Boston Terrier is a charming little family dog. He loves to play games and be a central part of your home. Burrowing his way under your covers is such fun and satisfies all his terrier instincts. He can be a natural born digger and tunnel dog while keeping close to you and his family. Watch those big round eyes and the cute pricked up ears come burrowing out from under the covers and you will not be able to resist the Boston Terrier’s antics. Try not to raise your voice at him as that will probably scare him right back under the covers. This sturdy and intelligent dog is just adorable and will soon burrow right into your heart. 


The Boston Terrier is such a lovable character and has really earned the name of American Gentleman because his roots began in Boston. Genetically sired by an English Bulldog and an English Terrier he has been carefully bred to bring about the best all american dog. Boston, well known in history for an historic tea party, can also claim fame for the handsome black and white Boston Terrier. Take this well-dressed dog to any event and hasten home for cuddles under the covers!

Written by a Rhodesian Ridgeback lover Christina Wither

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Published: 04/18/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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