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Why Do Boxer Dogs Bounce



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Why Do Boxer Dogs Bounce




The Boxer dog is an energetic, lively, exuberant breed of dog. His funny antics will keep you entertained. He loves to bounce and clown around and be a big part of your family. The Boxer will join in all family games with enthusiasm and is reputed to be good with children. He seems to be as boisterous and full of fun as a child could be. He manages to keep his energy levels up to join in anything that everyone is doing. The Boxer has become one of the most popular family dogs although his origins were not family orientated. He was bred in Germany and originated from large hunting dogs bred to bring down larger game. The Boxer is no longer a hunting dog but his temperament and intelligence, as well as his ability to be an excellent watch dog, make him a firm favorite as a family dog. 

The Root of the Behavior

Boxers make great family dogs because they enjoy children and can maintain high energy levels. A Boxer will keep you on your toes so be prepared for lots of exercise as you try to keep up with your bouncy Boxer. He is funny, playful, and very lovable. Boxers tend to stay in puppy mode for the greater part of their lives, but if the need arises, they can switch to watchdog and guard their families. The Boxer is not a big barker but will growl and be ready to defend if there is a stranger or danger to his household. This animated dog has a certain spring to his steps and loves to clown around. He will benefit from some training and enjoys anything with exercise. The Boxer dog has become a vigilant police dog and excels in the military. He is a loyal guide dog and a therapy dog too. He loves being around people. The Boxer will cheer up any needy soul with his quizzical face and the cute habit he has of turning his head to one side. He appears to be asking for your attention or questioning why you are not bouncing around with him. 

The Boxer looks athletic with his white markings known as a flash and his inevitable socks. It appears that he is suitably dressed to bounce around and warm up for the boxing ring! It has been said that his name originated from the boxing antics he displays when he stands on his hind legs and waves his front paws energetically. This may be true, but others say the Boxer is more likely to box with his nose and butt with his head. The Boxer loves human affection and his bouncy energy comes from a need to be receiving attention and exercise. The Boxer needs to get his share of exercise because he is a large dog with muscle mass that needs to be kept in peak condition. The Boxer will try to get your attention through his bouncy characteristics, so you won’t forget to exercise him regularly. When you have a long-legged, heavy weight, leaping in front of you, you’ll soon get the message! 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Boxer puppies are adorable and soon win your heart with their comical expressions. Wrinkled and bouncy from the start, they know how to attract attention. The Boxer loves games and will bow down, in his play bow state, to encourage you to join in the bouncy fun. The Boxer loves to bounce around, but he becomes an excellent watchdog the moment the need arises. Boxers are first rate companion dogs. However, they love being around people, so they do get upset and suffer from separation anxiety if they are left home alone. A Boxer becomes very attached to his human family and will not understand why his bouncy self is not invited on every family outing. 

He will look longingly with his puppy eyes and wait to be included. The Boxer is not a dog for a family that is not prepared to fall in to exercise and allow this boisterous, energetic dog to enjoy life to the fullest. The Boxer is on the top ten list of favorite family dogs in America. His love of children and lack of aggression sets him above many other dog breeds for temperament and sociable behavior. The Boxer will always want to be part of the fun and it is difficult to ignore this bouncy energetic breed who will be ready for an outing. When you take a Boxer into your home, you will need to be prepared for some playful games and entertainment.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The Boxer has a squarish head, undershot jaw, and broad deep chest. When he sits with his head held high he looks noble and intelligent. This is his smart, ready for action stance. He will cock his head to one side and assess the situation. He is described as brave and determined and these qualities would make him well suited as a serviceman’s working companion. He can be stubborn, so be prepared for some training and early socializing. The Boxer responds to positive re-enforcement and appears to do well with clicker training. He is an intelligent breed of dog, but his playful nature remains one of his endearing qualities. He loves to jump, twist, and turn and will keep you amused with his playful antics.


What would you call your Boxer puppy? Rocky of course! An irresistible name for an outgoing family dog. The Boxer will keep you up and running, training with him for the next game. The Boxer is always ready to jump, skip, spar, and work out as any well-trained human boxer would do. You can trust your Boxer to be ready to go another round. “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes the difference in your life.” says Rocky Balboa in the Rocky series of boxing movies. Your boxer will be the best sparing partner ever! 

By a Rhodesian Ridgeback lover Christina Wither

Published: 04/18/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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