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Why Do Dogs Become Lazy



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Why Do Dogs Become Lazy




Does your pooch sleep a lot? Does he prefer lying around to playing fetch? Well, this may seem an advantage to some because it means less work to do because the dog stays in one corner lying there quietly but having a lazy dog is not exactly a good thing.

Well, there are some dogs who enjoy being lazy but there are others that are lazy because their humans do not give them enough exercise and do not give them the lifestyle they need. Dogs are subservient and humans can teach them anything so it is up to you to ensure they are active and healthy. 

The Root of the Behavior

Puppies, as you may have already observed, are full of spunk, and they seem to just have boundless energy. As dogs mature, you will see that some become lazier than others. As their parent, you must be aware of your dog’s habits. It is important to know how to decipher if your dog is just a little lazy or is suffering from any medical condition.

Some dogs just love to lie around and not do anything and for many, it is because it is in their nature. When choosing a dog, research the personality, health, traits, and personality of the breed you want. However, if your normally happy and energetic dog suddenly becomes lazy, what do you do? Is there any cause for concern?

One of the first symptoms that dogs exhibit when they do not feel well is lethargic behavior. However, there are also other signs that you should be aware of and they are diarrhea, vomiting, bloody urine, change in eating habits, signs of discomfort, and relentless pacing. All these could point to a medical condition and you should bring your dog to a veterinarian right away so the right course of medication can be given if needed.

Consider how old your dog is. Depending on size, most dogs reach their golden years between the ages of 5 and 7. When dogs become seniors, they tend to be less active and prefer lazing about to running around. When this happens, your dog is not choosing to be lazy, it is simply the natural aging process taking over.

They tend to be more sensitive to temperature changes, they become tired quickly, they have blurry vision, and many also experience hearing loss. Older dogs can still be encouraged to exercise but remember that they cannot physically perform as well as younger dogs because of their advancing age. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Dogs always enjoy a good snooze, just like us but how do you stop him from being so lazy? One of the first things you should do is to visit the veterinarian to find out the cause of his excessive snoozing and his increasingly lazy behavior. If he seems to be more lethargic than lazy, it is possible that he is suffering from a health issue.

A dog that has suddenly become lazy needs attention. All dogs can benefit from daily walks so go to the park or walk around the neighborhood. If your dog is older than 18 months, you may also take him jogging with you. If you have a fenced area, teach him to jump, play fetch, or take him swimming with you. However, you must also take into consideration your dog’s age. Older dogs are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia, so they cannot exert too much physical effort and for them you might need to cut the exercise sessions short.

Mental exercise can also help stimulate the laziness out of your dog. Retrieval, as well as hide-and-seek games are recommended for mental exercise. There are various mental exercise toys sold at pet stores everywhere. You can also engage your dog through obedience classes. One of the things you can consider is clicker training or using a sound to get your dog to do something. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Establishing a routine is something which must be considered seriously. A routine allows your dog control over his environment and his emotions because he knows exactly what he is expecting. Make it a point to do his important activities such as feeding, potty trips, and walks at around the same time every day.

When your pooch’s brain is stimulated, he will look forward to his daily activities, mental exercises, physical exercises, and his time with you. You will see a more energetic dog with a zest for like, not a lethargic canine that just lies down day in and day out.


There are various reasons for a lazy dog and it is important to know exactly what is causing your dog’s laziness. One of the most important things to rule out is a medical condition. Once you know exactly what is causing Fido’s laziness, you can then help him towards a healthier and more fulfilling life through various means such as mental and physical exercise, as well as a routine. Establishment. You will come home to a healthy and happy dog who is eager to shower you with his sloppy kisses at the door!

Written by a Chow Chow lover Jhoana Carla de Toro

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Published: 03/07/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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