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Why Do Dogs Bring Poop In The House



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Why Do Dogs Bring Poop In The House




Your dog can be one of the best-behaved dogs in the world, but every dog owner has had the misfortune of going home to poop in the house. Not the most pleasant experience of all but it is something of a passage that humans just have to go through with their beloved canines. Having it happen once is still okay, but if it happens more than usual, then it is possible that your furry friend has some problems. Some of the most common causes of sudden pooping in the house even though your dog has been housetrained, could be an illness, aging, and some emotional issues.

The Root of the Behavior

Obviously, you will not be able to ask your dog what happened that made him suddenly start pooping indoors when he knows that he should only do his business outside. As his human, you must turn detective to figure out exactly what is going on. So, what are the things you should ask before you start pointing fingers and accuse your poor canine that he is doing it to spite you? What have you been feeding your canine? Has there been any recent change in his diet? Cheap foods from the supermarket can result in bulkier bowel movements. Premium dog food, although more expensive, is preferred by experts because there are more nutrients absorbed and there is less waste. Your dog will have smaller stools with less frequency. Sudden diet changes can cause an upset stomach, and this may cause your dog to start pooping everywhere.

There are some dogs that do not do well when they are away from their humans and this separation anxiety could be the cause of the sudden pooping indoors. To confirm if such is the case, check your dog’s behavior when he is left all by himself. Has he been whining, barking, howling, pacing and digging? These are signs of potential separation anxiety. How is your dog’s health? Has he been checked for parasites lately? There are a few disorders which can cause an increase in bowel movements which your canine will not be able to control and one of them is intestinal worms. Take your dog to the veterinarian if you cannot think of any other reason so that if it is the reason for the sudden pooping, your dog can be prescribed the right medicine. Has there been any new family member recently? Are there any changes that can possibly trigger stress? Anything new that is added to your dog’s environment that causes stress can also cause the sudden pooping indoors even though he has been housetrained before. A dog can get upset if there is a new dog introduced in the household or if there is a new baby added to the family. Never scold the dog for the incidents because it will only make the anxiety even worse.

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Encouraging the Behavior

Even if the issue of pooping indoor persists, try your best not to get angry because being angry only does one of two things – either your dog gets that pooping indoors is something bad and something that he should try to hide or that pooping indoors gets your attention and any kind of attention, even negative, is something your dog wants. Whichever of the two happens, you will still be on the losing end and coming home to poop indoors will not stop. The best thing you can do to help your dog through this challenging time is by being patient and strengthening good potty training habits if your dog has been taken to the veterinarian and the problem is not physical. Take your dog for longer walks and ensure you go out at about the same time every day. Do not forget to give your dog treats and praise him when he does his business outdoors. Positive reinforcement will want him to do his business outside and not inside the house. Another thing you can do is to have a schedule of the feeding time, rather than free feed your dog. Your veterinarian can help determine the most suitable amount of food your dog needs, as well as the number of meals daily. Make it a point to get rid of any leftover food after 20 minutes and refrain from offering your dog anything until the next scheduled meal.

Other Solutions and Considerations

It is a must to remember that dogs have an attraction to the places where they previously urinated or defecated and you must clean the accident spots in your home thoroughly so that they will not be attracted to go there again. Just remember that pet urine and poop can be very troublesome to get out with standard cleaner, so you may want to hire the services of professional cleaners. Supervise your dog and watch out for behaviors such as sniffing, squatting, or circling and take out your dog as soon as you see these behaviors. Once outside, immediately take your dog to the spot where you want him to do his business and do not converse or play with the dog until he is done with his business.


A dog which has suddenly started doing his business indoors even though he has been potty trained may suffer from a few things. It is important to determine what is causing the problem, so the right course of action can be taken. You want to come home to a clean house with a happy pooch.

By a Chow Chow lover Jhoana Carla de Toro

Published: 02/18/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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