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Why Do Dogs Burp



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Why Do Dogs Burp




Your dog has just finished their dinner, and all of a sudden, they let loose a few burps. It seems quite odd, because your dog is an animal, and animals don't necessarily burp like you thought. Yet, although we are humans and our pets are dogs, we still have many things that are similar. Animals and humans both need to eat, sleep, and exercise for our wellbeing to thrive. In alignment with those actions of health, there are also similar attributes that are deemed as normal such as going to the bathroom, yawning, and burping. In fact, burping is an action that dogs do frequently and once we understand its cause, we can better react to their actions. 

The Root of the Behavior

Burping, although it may seem odd for dogs, is normal just as it is for humans. There are reasons as to why it occurs and there are also reasons as to its negative occurrences. Burping is known as having too much air in the stomach and quite frequently, dogs will burp. Air will escape through the action of burping and it usually happens when there is the consumption of food or liquid at a rate that is too fast. Beyond these simple issues that burping can come from, there are also issues that are a bit more complex. Burping behavior can sometimes be from a problem within the stomach and although it is not as severe as some may think, it can be from a medical issue. Your dog may have something up with their digestive system. If your dog is now burping more than they usually do, it may be because they have an upset stomach. There may be many different reasons as to why your dog may have an upset stomach, whether it is from a change in their diet or other issues such as IBS or even gastric reflux. If your dog has signs that are more serious such as blood, diarrhea, or even throwing up, there may be a more serious problem at hand. It could be wise to get your animal checked at the veterinarian for any disruptions within their body. Another reason could be from the food your dog is eating. If you did change your dog’s diet recently, or if their diet seems like it is causing the burping, you may want to consider other diets or progressively adjusting their body to a new diet. Altogether, it is important to eliminate any issues that can be causing excessive gas within your dog’s digestive system, so their health is in close to perfect condition.

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Encouraging the Behavior

Although burping is not an activity that is extremely harmful to your dog, it is not something they enjoy doing either, so burping is not an activity that should willingly be encouraged. Yet, burping can be necessary sometimes to release the gas that is overflowing in your animal’s digestive system. Due to this, you want to allow and encourage your animal to burp if they need to soothe any discomfort in their stomach, but it is suggested to make sure burping helps and they are not throwing up or burping up anything that looks harmful for your dog. It is also important to watch over them and take note of when and why they are burping, so you can better help them with their health. If you feel your dog is having issues due to more serious digestive issues, it may be wise to change their diet or add nutrients to their food so they feel better. You also may want to encourage your dog to take their time when they are eating their food or drinking their water so extra air does not end up in their stomach. If issues are still occurring after changes, it may be wise to take them to the veterinarian for a check-up.

Other Solutions and Considerations

The biggest help that you can give your dog is helping them with their digestion of food. The most common issue from excessive burping has to do with extra air in the system from quick eating and drinking. Encouraging your animal to eat at a slower pace is extremely important and if that does not work, it may be better to serve your dog’s meals and water in smaller amounts so their body has more time to digest the food and they adjust how quickly they eat due to the amount being smaller. If you decide to change your dog’s diet, slowly transitioning their food is important so their body does not go in shock. If you feel like your dog needs medical attention from excessive burping, taking them to a veterinarian for a check-up can help ease their pain as well as yours. 


Burping has never been a comfortable action for anyone and it seems to happen when we forget to take it slow. Sometimes, we burp for reasons that involve our digestive system and other times, it is simply because excitement gets the best of us when we overeat and forget to breathe.

By a Shiba Inu lover Patty Oelze

Published: 02/06/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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