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Why Do Dogs Cry When They Get A Treat



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Why Do Dogs Cry When They Get A Treat




Have you just given your pup a treat? Rather than wagging his tail to let you know how much he appreciated it, did he start to whine, whimper, or cry? If your only intention was rewarding him for his good behavior and when you did, he started crying and acting strange, it can really take you by surprise. When you're expecting a happy response from your pup because you've just presented him with one of his favorite titbits, but the opposite happens, it's a bit worrying, isn't it? Makes you wonder if he either no longer likes them or if he's hurt his mouth in some way, doesn't it? Is there a reason why dogs cry when they get a treat? Surprisingly enough, yes, there is.

The Root of the Behavior

Dogs can get very emotional at times. When you're giving your pup your full attention, praising him, and offering him a tasty treat, he's going to be so happy he may have trouble containing his feelings. The best moments of his life are when you're completely focused on him, for once you are and he loves it. As that bubble of contented excitement grows, he needs to express it somehow. If he didn't have a mouthful of treats he may well have barked to show his pleasure. On the off chance of losing what he's got hold of, he's not going to risk opening his mouth and so a whimpery cry is just about all he can manage as a way of saying thank you.

Dogs have a very funny habit of keeping things for later. It might be you've already fed him a nice big dinner or even several other treats and he doesn't want to eat the one you've just given him there and then. Don't think for a moment he's going to return it to you to put it back in the packet because he won't. What he will want to do is try to hide it. The urge to bury things can be quite strong in our canine friends. If your dog is somewhere he can't fulfill that natural instinct when it arises, he can become quite stressed about the whole situation. Not being able to do what he thinks he needs to can make him upset enough to start to cry or whine. He might even begin to pace around the room, stand by the door, or even start rooting up the carpet in an attempt to hide his treat. It doesn't mean he doesn't like it. In fact, he loves it so much he wants to keep it for later.

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Encouraging the Behavior

If your dog looks to hide the treats you're giving him because he's not hungry enough to eat it straight away, you might be giving him too many. We do love to spoil our pups, it's true and we enjoy doing it, but that doesn't always mean it's the right thing to do. Giving your pup too many extra titbits can eventually cause him to put on weight. Canine obesity can initiate some serious health problems for your dog which it's much better to avoid by controlling his diet and intake of extra, on the side, goodies.

Not everything we give to our dogs as a treat is really suitable for them to eat. Yes, it's great to share that you're snacking on with your dog and nine times out of ten he'll enjoy it. If you have a taste for spicy things, you might need to think twice about sharing your snacks with your dog. If you're watching a film while munching on a packet of hot chili flavored fries and slip one to your pup it might not be such a good idea. He may well be crying because he doesn't like the taste and can't get rid of the burning sensation it has left on his tongue. It's a treat he certainly won't be thanking you for.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If you're in doubt about the quantity and type of treats to give your dog, you might want to consider having a chat about it with your veterinary professional. They'll be able to advise you on what the correct amounts are and which type of treat is more beneficial for your dog's health. If you're worried your pup might be obese, you might want to consider consulting with your vet. They'll be able to give him a check up, weigh him, and advise you on his diet. You may also want to consult with a qualified dog handler. They'll be able to give you the right information to ensure you're exercising him enough to keep him fit and healthy.


As strange a thing as it is, yes, dogs do cry when they get a treat. If you're really into spice but your pup isn't, then leave the jalapenos in the jar or at least eat them yourself and get him some proper doggy chocolates. He will certainly thank you for it.

Written by a Chihuahua lover Liz Correal

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Published: 03/25/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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