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Why Do French Bulldogs Army Crawl



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Why Do French Bulldogs Army Crawl




Bulldogs are generally associated with the British and a stiff upper lip, a hale and hearty dog. French Bulldogs are completely the opposite in their characters and approach to life. Their original breeding lines and some of their features are ‘bulldoggish’ but the French Bulldog is really in a class of his own. A comical character who loves people, entertaining, and performing tricks of all kinds. The army crawl is the perfect trick for the attention seeking French Bulldog. When you see his adorable little scrunched up nose and cute bat-like ears, crawling across the floor towards you, he becomes irresistible. The French Bulldog, fondly called a ‘Frenchie’ is perfectly aware of the effect he is having and will play up to his adoring audience. There may be other underlying factors to this behavior, but the Frenchie just loves attention and lots of it. Crawling towards you with puppy dog eyes is going to lead to hugs and kisses and just the kind of attention the French Bulldog is looking for. 

The Root of the Behavior

The army crawl was the puppies first mode of movement as he needed to reach his source of food from his mother. Along with all the other puppies in the litter, the French Bulldog would crawl his way towards the ultimate food source – his mother’s milk. ‘Frenchies’ are known for their cute antics and because they are very clever little comedians, they would have realized early on that the army crawl still gets attention. A treat or two for a trick that appeals to everyone is never going to be forgotten. The army crawl is an easy elementary trick to teach. French Bulldogs love performing and getting noticed for the army crawl. It is a trick they will remember to perform to get the attention they need. French Bulldogs have lovely personalities and are playful and full of character. They enjoy games and are perfectly at ease in an apartment or family home. ‘Frenchies’ do not need a great deal of exercise, but they do enjoy a walk and being admired for their cute personalities. 

If you have a French Bulldog, it is important to know that they do not handle extreme temperatures very well. In hot weather, they can overheat easily and perhaps the army crawl is an attempt to cool down on the floor. When it is cooler, a good rub along the carpet could just be a comforting warm-up exercise. Keep a careful watch on your ‘Frenchie’ to maintain his temperature in all sorts of weather. Although the army crawl is a very cute little trick to get your attention, it could also be the early warning signs of a medical problem. If you notice your French Bulldog is taking this activity too seriously then seek some advice from your vet. It is a good idea to check his tummy for a rash or flea problem. Frenchies do like to be bathed, but a good quality shampoo is desirable to stop irritation of sensitive skin. A visit to your vet is always a sensible approach as there may be another medical condition that is causing the army crawl behavior. Rather be safe than sorry as specialized breeds of dogs can be prone to serious medical conditions requiring the attention of a vet. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

The French Bulldog is a very rewarding and lovable pet. He is game for all kinds of tricks and antics that just make him even more adorable. 'Frenchies' are happiest around people. Putting on an army crawl demo is very easy for the little French Bulldog. The army crawl is not only a clever trick it can also be beneficial to help build up core muscles and provide strengthening exercises. It is wise to ease into army crawl exercise with caution as they are quite strenuous, however, the French Bulldog has a well-built upper body and the pulling part of the crawl is manageable for their build. 

'Frenchies' do not swim because they are top heavy and sink in water. The army crawl is a great way to stretch those back legs and get some applause at the same time. Most of the French Bulldog breed are sweet bundles of dog wanting to be loved. They are ready to follow you everywhere, however, some of them can be stubborn with ‘who’s the boss' issues! The value of teaching a dog like the French Bulldog lots of tricks, and some army drill, is their attention becomes focused on you and listening to your commands. You don’t have to become a drill sergeant, but your French Bulldog needs to show you respect and be an adoring listener along with his Quirky behavior. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

French Bulldogs are such engaging pets and another very specialized reason for army crawl could be to show off their rather cute tail end. The French Bulldog has a tight little tailpiece and he might need to remind you to keep this little part of his anatomy clean. ‘Frenchies’ have naturally, short curly tails that are set really close to the end of their bodies. You will be sure to notice his little curly-tailed butt edging across the carpet in need of attention. These cute little playful dogs have risen to fame and are now in the top ten of the most popular breeds in America. Number nine on the list just shows that they really are great family fun loving dogs. They will crawl into everyone’s heart and always be the star of the show.


The French Bulldog is an entertainer. He does not really bark but has vocal cords that he loves to use to accompany you as you sing. Take a 'Frenchie' on a road trip and he will sing along with the best of the family. Perhaps his favorite song would be "It’s a long way to Tipperary" or "Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag." Being in the army now will give him the resilience to sing, salute, and slip into your heart all at the same time. Viva la Frenchie!

By a Rhodesian Ridgeback lover Christina Wither

Published: 04/11/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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