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Why Dogs Like Human Food



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Why Dogs Like Human Food




The sun sets and dinner is put on the table. The whole family gathers around, sharing stories of their day and enjoying a happy and hearty meal. Soon enough, your family dog sneaks up next to your side, drooling, and begging you for a bite of your meal, even though they just ate their own meal. It is as if your dog has not eaten in days. You give him a few nibbles, and still, it isn't enough, even after he already ate dinner. It feels as if your food is better than his. When we understand how our dog’s body works, we can understand how their body act and what food they need. 

The Root of the Behavior

Not every animal is a hound dog, wanting to eat everything that comes in front of their face. Yet, some animals do have a desire to do that. Whether they are given their dog bowl full of food or a plate full of human food, some dogs may go after it all, as if they have insatiable hunger. There are a few reasons as to why your dog may be trying to eat your food. The first reason is the obvious one, as your animal may not be getting enough food in their diet. This may be because they don't like the food they are eating or they are simply not getting enough. Making sure your dog is eating enough, has a proper diet, and has enough weight on their body is important for their wellbeing. When your dog seems to go after your food, they are going after food that smells good, and they are going after food that they see their owner loving. Dogs pay attention to how their owners act and are very connected to them. If you respond to a certain plate of food and desire it, your dog will see that and know that it is delicious because they trust you. 

There are other reasons as to why your dog may be desiring your food over their own, or in addition to their own. Although it could be as simple as their appetite, there may be medical reasons. Your dog’s appetite could be increasing due to aging, diabetes, hypothyroidism, bacterial overgrowth, Cushing disease, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, or even a reaction to a medication. If your dog suddenly begins eating more than they normally do or has a change in appetite, it may be important to get them checked at the veterinarian. It may not be anything medical at all, but getting them evaluated may help ease any worries that are present. Watching over your dog and making sure their increased appetite and desire for your food is normal and healthy is prominent for their health. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Eating human food is not necessarily bad for your dog, but it shouldn't be something that is always encouraged, either. There are some human foods that are okay for dogs to eat and can even be good for their health; yet, there are a lot of human foods that have unnecessary nutrients and some nutrients that are not good for dogs, at all. In fact, some foods can even be poisonous for your dog. In understanding the differences in humans and canines, it should not be encouraged that your dog eats human food. If you do decide to feed your dog human food, it is suggested that you make sure that the type of food you are feeding them will benefit their health or at least not harm them. Encouraging your dog and showing them that their food is good for them can also help your animal adjust to their own diet and not feel a need to eat your food. If you feel called to do so, getting your pet’s behavior evaluated can help determine the reasoning as to why they are eating certain foods, and proper changes can be made. It is wise to encourage your dog to eat the right foods that are for their body. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Guiding your dog to eat their own food will be important to their own health, even if you have to show them that it may be something that you enjoy having around, too. Some dogs may not want to eat their own food; if this is the case with your dog, consider changing their diet or even the amount of food they eat as it could help them. If you feel as if your dog has an issue with hunger or if their desire for your food seems odd, it may be wise to get them checked at the veterinarian so cancel out any medical concerns that may be present. 


Whether you are a dog or a human, food is a delicacy that everyone loves to enjoy. Yet, as canine and human beings are built differently, it is important that each species gets the correct nutrients and food for their health. Everyone should be energized, healthy, and ready to explore, expressing their full selves. 

By a Shiba Inu lover Patty Oelze

Published: 02/07/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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