American Bandogge

United States
American Bulldog
This hybrid dog breed was created by combining an American Bulldog with a Mastiff. The result is a large and muscular dog that, although it may look intimidating, can actually be a gentle and loyal companion pet, as long as it gets proper training and socialization. These dogs are intelligent and will be easy to train, but they do need an experienced owner who knows how to communicate with dogs and can show them that they are the boss. These dogs are considered giant and have moderate activity levels. Therefore it is important that they get their exercise, or they may get lazy or destructive. Their shedding level is moderate but they are easy to groom, although they are known to drool and may have that doggy smell.
Guard dog, companion
Date of Origin
American Bulldog, Mastiff

American Bandogge Breed History

The American Bandogge is the result of the crossbreeding between any American Bulldog type dog and a Mastiff, which also have several varieties. They were originally bred by Swinford, who was a veterinarian in the 1960s, with the goal of creating the best possible dog for protection. It is commonly thought that the first of these designer breeds were made with 50% American Pitbull Terrier and 50% Molessor. However, today there are several other combinations that are recognized as an American Bandogge. An American Pitbull Terrier crossed with an English Mastiff is another combination that is sometimes used. There is a similar hybrid breed called the Pit Bullmastiff that is the combination of a Pitbull Terrier and a Bullmastiff. The American Bulldog and Mastiff were officially recognized as the breeds used to create the American Bandogge in the American Canine Hybrid Club. However, in the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, the resultant dog of this combination is known as an American Masti-Bull. The most common and successful way to breed these is to use a male American Pit Bull Terrier and to cross it with a female Neapolitan Mastiff. The Bandogge part of this dog’s name comes from the term Bandog that was used by the Saxons in the old English. This word means chain, and became a part of the name for these dogs because they were commonly tied up or chained during the day and released at night in order to carry out their duties as guard dogs.

American Bandogge Breed Appearance

These dogs, with short, rough and thick coats, are very muscular and rectangular in shape with thin and tapering tails. Their bodies are well-proportioned with triangular ears and lips that are overhanging. The American Bandogge will have wide eyes that can be dark or similar to the color of their coat. They will have the typical compact body of a Mastiff and the structure that is similar to a large Pit Bull. The head will be large and boxy and with a strong chest and large, broad shoulders. They will have strong, robust and muscular necks and impressively strong jaws. These hybrid dogs can be found in several colors, including brindle, blue or navy, fawn, red and black, and all of these colors will possibly have some white mixed in as well. The breeding of all white dogs is generally discouraged. Their noses can be either black or red in color. As in most dog breeds, the males will be slightly larger and heavier in comparison to the females.

American Bandogge Breed Maintenance

These dogs can do fine in apartments, but only if they get enough exercise. If they get enough activity, both mental and physical, the American Bandogge will not become destructive or lazy. They are fairly active when indoors, and will therefore not necessarily need a huge yard, although they will surely enjoy one if it is available. This breed will enjoy accompanying their owner on daily walks. They are moderate shedders but easy to groom. Use a rubber brush to remove any loose or dirty hair two to three times per week. This designer breed can be dominant, but with a confident and experienced owner they can be very obedient and easy to train. Feed your dog twice a day, and keep their water fresh and always available since they are heavy droolers. These dogs are like all others in the sense that they will need regular teeth brushing and nail clipping. Daily is best for dental care, but once or twice a week will be fine as a minimum. As for nail clipping, once or twice a month is often enough.

American Bandogge Activity Requirements

This breed is known to be very intelligent and confident but also quite docile. However, they will need owners who can clearly show that they are the leaders and can remain dominant. If not paired with the right owner, these dogs can become aggressive towards other canines. Because of this, they are not recommended for first time dog owners, as they will need someone who knows how to communicate. Unfortunately, in some areas on the East Coast, these dogs are used for fighting. But there are a greater number of people who use these dogs for protection, which they excel at. They can be difficult to control and get upset when left alone for long periods of time, unless they get enough exercise, both physical and mental, and have an owner that shows proper leadership. The American Bandogge will live happily with other pets if they were brought up and properly socialized with them, but will not get along as well with animals that they don’t know. Because these dogs are obedient, loving and protective of their families, they do great with kids. Due to their kind but protective nature, they do great as family dogs and as guard dogs.

American Bandogge Owner Experiences

Sophie Marie Jones
7 Months
4 People
House & Yard
She is so loving, sweet and playful. She gets along perfect with our family and our Bull mastiff.
1 year ago
6 Months
2 People
House & Yard
Absolutely wonderful. Been a joy since day 1
1 year, 11 months ago
Book me a walkiee?
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