Aussie Wheaten

Australian Shepherd
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
An Aussie Wheaten is a mix between a purebred Australian Shepherd and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Aussie Wheatens are bred to be active companion dogs because of their energy and affability. The breed is known to be affectionate, alert, and loyal – though occasionally stubborn due to their Terrier lineage. Because they are highly energetic, they need regular and vigorous exercise. Due to their temperament, Aussie Wheatens are wonderful with children and great pets for an active family. They have an average life span of 12 – 14 years. Their weight, measurements, and color vary, but will generally be on the high end of medium-sized dogs, with a light colored, shaggy coat and vague Australian Shepherd markings.
Companion, guide dog
Date of Origin
Australian Shepherd, Flat Coated Retreiver

Aussie Wheaten Breed History

The name Aussie Wheaten is a combination of the nicknames of its two parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd, also known as an “Aussie”, and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, also known as a “Wheaten” or affectionately “Wheatie”. The Aussie Wheaten’s Shepherd parent is not originally from Australia, despite its name. Australians Shepherds are likely to have been bred from Collie varieties in the early 1900s to herd sheep in the western United States. The Australian Shepherd’s popularity boomed during the 1950s and they are now employed as handicap guides, therapy dogs, drug detectors, search and rescue workers, and beloved family pets. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a large Terrier breed from Ireland. Originally, Wheaties were bred for demanding farm work and were particularly talented at herding livestock, hunting vermin, and guard duties. They came to the United States with Irish immigrants in the mid-1900s and were recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1973. Currently, the Aussie Wheaten is not widely recognized and lives in the shadow of more popular Australian Shepherd mixes. Even though this breed is relatively new and its personality isn’t stabilized, breeders have found that Aussie Wheatens generally maintain their parent breeds’ affectionate, alert, and protective character traits. These desirable characteristics are part of the reason they have the reputation in North America as lovable pets for active families. Note, however, that Aussie Wheatens are not yet recognized by the AKC, and thus, Aussie Wheaten breeders should be researched thoroughly if you intend to purchase from them.

Aussie Wheaten Breed Appearance

Aussie Wheatens can vary widely in appearance due to their “newness” and currently unstable breeding. They often look like a leaner and slightly smaller Australian Shepherd with some Terrier-esque features. They have a medium to large build and are square proportioned, with longer legs than a standard Shepherd. The breadth of color combinations within the Australian Shepherd breed account for the Aussie Wheaten’s wide range of coat patterns and colors. They have a slightly wavy, medium to long coat, in tri-color combinations of brown, black, beige, gray, and white, with darker shades around the snout and ears. Some even have light Aussie markings. Aussie Wheatens have a square-ish head, medium oval eyes, slightly tapered snout, and large nose. They tend to wear an alert and eager expression. Their paws are compact with thick pads for tramping outside, and the tail is medium length with a full, sometimes feathered coat.

Aussie Wheaten Breed Maintenance

The Aussie Wheaten is not entirely hypoallergenic, but the breed produces less allergens from its hair-like coat because of its Terrier lineage. It can be a messy dog; the medium length, wavy coat requires regular brushing with a firm bristle brush to reduce matting and moderate shedding. Regular professional grooming isn’t necessary, but owners can also consider trimming edges around their pet’s ears, feet, and under its tail for easy maintenance. Owners should aim to bathe Aussie Wheatens monthly or as needed and pay special attention to cleaning around its eyes and ears. Like all breeds, Aussie Wheatens should have their teeth brushed daily and nails clipped every month or so. Since they enjoy romping around outside, owners should take care to inspect their coats for debris or insects, like ticks, that can get caught in their coats.

Aussie Wheaten Activity Requirements

Aussie Wheatens are affectionate, alert, and loyal. They inherited the ability to get along with children from both their Shepherd and Terrier parents, making great pets for active families and companions for children. Aussie Wheatens are also very energetic and intelligent. Because of this, they require considerable physical and mental stimulation to be content. Aussie Wheatens are happy to walk, run, or engage in energetic play with their owners and other dogs. An Aussie Wheaten’s smarts also make it a relatively easy breed to train; however, these dogs can be nippy and stubborn because of their herding and hunting lineage. It is particularly important to socialize Aussie Wheatens at an early age to counteract these impulses. Aussie Wheatens that are more Shepherd-like can be wary of strangers because of their protective instincts, but they are known to be devoted pets who develop a strong attachment to their owners and family members.

Aussie Wheaten Owner Experiences

8 Months
3 People
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Day care
He's a very active dog who is typically lazy in the morning and then comes alive in the afternoon. He is extremely friendly and thinks everyone wants to be his friend. He loves to play with other dogs. He is loving and affectionate. He loves squeaky toys and is very intelligent
11 months ago
4 Weeks
2 People
He's chill loves laying on my chest and getting loves. He loves to nibble on fingers and lock you. He's a great dog
2 years, 3 months ago
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