English Bull Springer

53-180 lbs
English Springer Spaniel

Gentle and aloof, the English Bull Springer is a compatible companion for a family. The breed was developed with parent breeds – the English Bulldog and the English Springer Spaniel. The hybrid breed is often described as a gentle and docile soul that wishes to live in harmony with his family. His history is not well-known other than the parent breed’s history. This breed is an occasional barker but is not known to engage in excessive barking. His coat can come in two types: short and fine or soft and fluffy. Both coat types are easy to maintain and may require minimal grooming. The English Bull Springer has moderate energy levels.

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English Bulldog, English Springer Spaniel

English Bull Springer Health

Average Size
Male English Bull Springer size stats
Height: 15-35 inches Weight: 53-180 lbs
Female English Bull Springer size stats
Height: 15-35 inches Weight: 53-180 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip Dysplasia
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Allergies
  • Obesity
  • Cherry Eye
  • Rage Syndrome
Occasional Tests
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  • Physical Examination
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English Bull Springer Breed History

The English Bull Springer’s history is murky with no well-documented history. The breed was developed from its parent breeds – the English Bulldog and the English Springer Spaniel. It is believed that the English Bulldog descended from Mastiffs while in Asia. Nomads travelled with the English Bulldog throughout Europe, using them for trade-bait. The breed was modified to have a short muzzle and a wide lower jaw to make it easier while bull-baiting. The breed was bred to be aggressive for boar and bull-baiting. In 1835, bull-baiting was made illegal in England and the breed did not serve any further purpose at the time. Breeders worked to breed the aggression out of the line. When the English Bulldog was imported to America and Germany, the breed was finally considered to be friendly and docile. The English Springer Spaniel is believed to have been around as far back as the 16th century according to depictions in artwork. Originally used to flush game birds and small animals, the English Springer Spaniel was bred to be hunt hawks once nets were flung over them. In the 17th century, the breed was successful at flushing game for shooters. In 1902, the English Springer Spaniel was granted a slot in the Stud Book for England’s Kennel Club. In 1903, the Kennel Club showed the breed, where it rose in popularity. In 1913, the vigilant canine was imported to America by a Canadian breeder. In 1934, the English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association was formed and the breed competed in field trials.

English Bull Springer Breed Appearance

The English Bull Springer will vary in appearance due to the lack of breed standard. The breed was developed from the English Bulldog and the English Springer Spaniel. Due to the lack of breed standard, this hybrid breed may inherit characteristics from both parent breeds. The face resembles the English Springer Spaniel with the longer muzzle. The ears may resemble the English Bulldog with the folded over ear. The expression is that of a curious but responsive one. His strong, muscular build can be attributed to the English Springer Spaniel. His coat can vary in color with white, brown, tan, and black. His tail is generally thin with some featherings on it.

Eye Color Possibilities
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Nose Color Possibilities
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Coat Color Possibilities
white English Bull Springer coat
brown English Bull Springer coat
black English Bull Springer coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
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Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
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English Bull Springer straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

English Bull Springer Breed Maintenance

The English Bull Springer is not considered a hypoallergenic hybrid breed though he will shed moderately. Daily brushing for 10 to 15 minutes  will keep him looking clean and smart. Bathing should be limited to every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent overproduction of oils in the skin. When you do choose to bathe your English Bull Springer, be certain to use veterinary approved shampoo so as not to irritate the skin with a harsh product. Ears should be wiped and cleaned weekly, looking out for excessive moisture within. Teeth should be brushed daily to prevent tartar buildup. Nails should always be well cared for and trimmed or filed every 2 to 3 weeks. This breed has low drooling levels and does not possess any significant odor.

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Slicker Brush
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Brushing Frequency
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English Bull Springer Temperament

The English Bull Springer is not a nuisance barker and will only bark if he senses danger. He is a family-oriented, loving, and affectionate dog that is highly adaptable to situations. This breed is great with families and young children. While he is welcoming of people, he may hesitate towards strangers. Early training and socialization is required in order to prevent your English Bull Springer from becoming too upset. Otherwise, this loving canine is reliable and eager-to-please. This breed is generally friendly with other dogs but does require some time and patience with small animals. Extra precaution should be taken when a small animal is first introduced. Once he is fully trained, he will welcome his new friend. Positive reinforcement and rewards in the way of treats will be a great way to win his heart. His moderate energy level means he will need to have daily exercise in order to meet his needs.

English Bull Springer Activity Requirements

Your English Bull Springer possesses moderate energy levels that will be met by going for runs, walking to the park, and even fetching a ball. Two brisk walks per day are recommended to ensure he meets his minimum requirements - these times together are also beneficial to the all-important bonding between man and dog. Apartment living is acceptable as long as your hybrid is provided with outdoor access everyday, though your English Bull Springer would be best suited in an urban home with a fenced-in yard A warm climate is ideal and time spent outside at any time of year should include plenty of fresh water to drink. Avoid situations in which your dog is left home alone for many hours on end. He may resort to unwanted property destruction.

Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
8 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
40 minutes
activity minutes

English Bull Springer Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
3 cups
cup per day cost cup per day cost cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$1.50 - $1.90
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$39.00 - $52.00
food bag monthly cost

English Bull Springer Owner Experiences

17 Months
1 People
House & Yard
He’s so sweet and lovable cheeky at times he loves going on holiday to play in the sea.he’s grate of the lead and loves to play with other dogs although can be reactive at times .he doesn’t realize his size and can try to be a lap dog . Overall he’s live a toddler.
8 months, 1 week ago
7 Months
3 People
House & Yard
Great dogs would buy again no Grooming needed but they shed pretty good. They might even work out as bird dogs but we will see cute as could be and sweethearts
4 years, 7 months ago
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